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Many colleges and universities offer MBA diploma courses through online learning. Keiser University and the University of Phoenix are two such schools that offer the degree programs online.

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Most colleges that offer a business or finance program offer specialized foreign currency trading courses. It is also possible to learn the basics of forex trading through both mail correspondence courses or through online courses.

Correspondence courses are courses where you learn how to write and talk to one another through writing. Distance learning is where you learn from far away.

Yes it is quiet possible. You can get in touch with MIT ( Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune or Thane). They have variety of correspondence courses suitable to the candidates qualifications. I think for Diploma students too they offer MBA courses. Please go thru their site.

Correspondence Schools are for individuals who can not physically be in a school and would like to be taught from a distance. For example online courses or through the mail.

You can enroll for bookkeeping courses through training programs or local colleges. There are even some colleges that offer basic accounting skills online.

Most colleges will accept a GED. Many community colleges will have GED courses as well as the other courses.

There are various management courses and institutes present in almost every state of India. One can do diploma, graduation, post graduation in management courses. National Institute of Event Management is recognized as one of the best colleges in India. Look you can easily search colleges through Internet but a successful career in this field depends on your creativity or imagination as well as how you can deal with your clients and do best for them.

PG diploma courses are being offered by DCI through IGNOU. Please contact IGNOU for details. Certification courses have been offered by many institutions and these courses are enough to practice in the dental clinic.

Top MBA colleges and universities in India offering MBA through correspondence are -IIM'sSymbiosis Centre for Distance LearningSikkim ManipalIGNOUICFAI UniversityIMT, GhaziabadKarnataka State Open UniversityIndian Institute of Finance

The list of universities offering engineering courses through distance learning are -Andhra UniversityIGNOUJNTUKarnataka State Open UniversityRajasthan Vidyapeeth UniversitySRM UniversityThapar UniversityYashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University

PennFord High School is accredited through NABAE, so most colleges and universities should accept a high school diploma from them. However, if you aren't sure, I would suggest looking at your top three to five colleges and ask their admissions personnel if a high school diploma from PennFord would be acceptable.

North Carolina does not have any Osha training courses available at community colleges. Your best option will probably be to take the course through the internet at

Production Management Diploma courses through distance education can be pursued by all eligible candidates from anywhere in the country. If you are residing in a place where no institute is offering a regular diploma course in Production Management, a correspondence course in the area would help you to continue education without leaving your home or work place. The expenditure in pursuing a Production Management correspondence course becomes much lower than most of the regular courses. This is another reason that has made distance education correspondence courses very popular among all sections of society in India. Moreover the successful completion of a correspondence course in Production Management can help any one to improve career options in their life.Annamalai UniversityAnnamalainagar Tamil Nadu-608002Phone: 04144-38610Fax : 04144-38987Diploma in Production Mgt.for ore information about other institute you can visit the site given below

There is a number of Universities offering courses like Diploma in Food & Beverage or Diploma in wine management. Some of universities also offering degree as well as short term courses in Food & Beverage. You can go through and apply for the same.

First Coast Academy is an accredited high school, registered with the Florida Department of Education. Through our program, you get a diploma instead of just a piece of paper showing you passed a GED equivalency examination.

there are so many university and institute and university which are offering technical courses through distance mode you can go through the following link where you can get detailed information about all over India universities which are providing these courses

Look at colleges that offer Biology courses. They might have options for Biology degrees. Not all of them offer them online so you will have to search through multiple colleges.

I would first research CNA certification online to get more information on the topic and courses. There are online colleges that offer these courses and certification that may be beneficial to you and your schedule. You can also contact local colleges to see if they offer these courses. I believe that you can receive free CNA training through Job Corp at 1-800-733-JOBS.

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) care for bedridden patients under the supervision and direction of registered nurses and others on the nursing staff. Certified nursing assistant (CNA) courses are available online through vocational colleges, community colleges and non-profit health care trade associations.

There are many actual colleges that offer courses in certain things online, but still through the college. Check with your local colleges, and see if they have anything available to you.

Most of your traditional college degrees and technical career degrees are now available through correspondence schools. University of Phoenix and American School of Correspondence are just 2 out of thousands of sources that offer online courses, you can pick anything from t.v. repair to criminal justice!

In general and depending where the program was taken, a diploma in medical assisting would have general education requirements within the program such as, English, possibly some math, anatomy and physiology, possibly some chemistry etc. Typically you would fine this in programs offered by colleges, especially community colleges. The certificate would be strictly focused on the career oriented courses. However, if you plan on taking this program, you would be prudent to consider taking it through a college, and not through some private institution, where the tuition would be much more, and possibly not as recognized by employers.

One can find information about engineering and geology education courses , at ones local college. One can also find information online through colleges in his or her state.

probably none unless through a duel-enrollment program possibly at your nearest community college.

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