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What bothered the Allies more was not the colonies Germany had, but rather her very existence. By finally uniting the entire Holy Roman Empire (minus Austria) Germany became the continent's greatest power, even eclipsing France (I'm not counting Britain because it is not part of the continent). Yes the Germans did have several possessions in Africa and the Far East, but these were very minor particuraly in comparison to the British and French Empires. It was not German Imperialism that frightened the Allies, but rather the fact that now there was a Germany that clearly had imperialistic ambitions and a massive and powerful military capable of realizing those goals.

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Q: What colonies did Germany get to annoy France Britain and Russia?
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Why did Britain and France not come to an agreement with Russia?

Initially they did not ally with Russia because Russia had allied with Germany. Once Germany attacked Russia and broke the pact the Russians wanted to ally with Britain and France. They eventually did.

Who was Russia aalied with in World War II?

After Britain and France gave away Czechoslovakia to Germany, Russia made a nonaggression pact with Germany. Then after Germany attacked Russia, Russia allied with Britain, the USA and Free France, and other Allied nations.

What rivalry caused tension that led to world war 1?

A: Japan and Russia both claimed the same territory in northern Asia B: Britain, France, and Germany competed for colonies in Africa and Asia C: Germany feared the rise of communism in Russia and France D: Britain and Germany each wanted to gain control of France.

Which three countries increased the amount of money spent on weapons........ great britain..france..Russia..germany..austria-hungary..italy?

Great Britain, France, and Germany.

Which 2 countries had colonies in Canada?

France and Britain, Greenland and Russia.

Which countries had alliances in world war 1?

-Russia & Serbia -Germany & Austria-Hungary -France & Russia -Britain & France & Belgium -Japan & Britain

Where did Germany invaded?

Some of the countries that Germany invaded were: Poland, France, Russia, and Britain.

What countries in north America were involved in owning colonies?

Great Britain, Spain, France, Germany, Poland/Lithuania, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, and Russia.

Which countries were allied against Germany?

great britain, france, and russia.

Why did Britan get involved with World War 1?

To help France and Russia defeat Germany. Britain wanted Germany to lose WWI, so they joined France and Russia. Britain was worried that if Germany won WWI, they would be too powerful for England to defeat by themselves, so they joined France and Russia and declared war on Germany.

Was Germany occupied?

Germany was occupied by the USA, Great Britain, France and Russia yes yes it was

What countries occupy Germany?

In and after WW2 Germany was occupied by the USA, Great Britain, France and Russia.

What countries were against Germany in ww1?


Who were the initial countries in the world war 1?

Britain&France, Germany&Russia

Who were the three allied countries?

US, England, & France Britain Canada USA France Russia China along with threatened eruopean countries and the colonies of France and Britain

Who did France declare war on in World War 1?

France, Germany, and Britain vs. Russia and Serbia.

What countries colonized in the New World?

Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and Russia all held colonies in the New World.

What caused the Great War?

European countries started taking over land for colonies. It eventually came about that all lands were claimed and the only way to get colonies was to take others colonies by force. That created conflict between the European countries. Things got worse when, in 1882, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy teamed up as the Triple Alliance. Then, in 1907, Russia, France, and Great Britain joined as the Triple Entente. Then, in 1907, Russia, France, and Great-Britain formed the Triple Entente. Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist. Russia rushed to Serbia's rescue. Germany declared war on Russia and France (AH was Germany's ally). Then, Germany attacked Belgium, a neutral country which also happened to be an ally of Great Britain. Great Britain declared war on Germany, and that's how World War I started.

Who was involved in the boxer rebellion?

Britain, Germany, the United States, Japan, Russia, and France.

Who were the participants in World War 1?

Germany, Britain, France,Russia,Belgum,U.S.A,

Why did countries use tench warfare?

France, U.S., Russia, Germany, Britain, etc.

When the war ended what new forces entered Germany?

Russia, U.S.A, France, Britain.

Which countries fight first in World War 1?

Germany, France, Britain, Russia

What 4 countries took over Germany after ww2?

Britain, USA, Russia and France.

What coumtries was Germany at war with during world war 1?

Britain France and Russia