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Generally pink or a beige colour. Though some are black and brown

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Do guinea pigs see in color?

Yes. Guinea Pigs can see in color.

What color are guinea pigs?

Guinea Pigs come in as many colors and color combinations

Are guinea pigs colourblind?

No, guinea pigs can see in color.

What colors can guinea pigs see?

Guinea pigs are known to have dichromatic color vision. This means that guinea pigs can see every color, but red.

What color are the Hampshire pigs?

it is the same color as your penis

Can guniea pigs see in color?

Guniea pigs see in color and black and white It depends on the color of the object. Guniea pigs can see the colosr green, blue, black, and red. The rest of the colors guniea pigs can not see. I hope I could help.

Do guinea pigs see in black or color?

they see color.

Farm pigs are what color?


What color eyes do pigs have?


Are all pigs the same color?

No pigs can be black, pink,black,grey,or brown

What color does guinea pigs like?

guinea pigs can't see colour that well.

Do guinea pigs see color?


Do pigs change color?

they do not change colour

What color nose do pigs have?

i think there pink

What color are Chester white pigs?

Chester White Pigs are white due to there colorless hair that fades away the pink skin natural color pink

What shall you call your guinea pigs?

Look at the color or pattern on your guinea pigs fur, or see its personality.

Are guinea pigs color blind?

No, they are not color blind. Some have better vision then others but they can all see color.

Is a pigs favorite color pink?

no because pigs don't have a big enough rain to think of a favourite colour

What is the difference between dialup and dsl?

Why is the sky blue? Why are pigs pigs? Why is the color white so white? :D

What color is pigs tail?

the colour of a pigs tail depends on the type of pig but normally it is the same colour as the pig

What is the difference between black pigs and pink pigs?

The difference is that one has a shade of black and one has a color of pink.

Are guinea pigs see in color?

They can see color, though not as many shades as humans can see.

Can pot belly pigs see color?

No. only primates see color. Monkeys and humans.

Can guinea pigs hair change color?

no but you can dye it no but you can dye it

What colour should guinea pigs wee be?

a yellowy color

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