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What color are the berries on mistletoe?


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White. The parasitic plant has yellowish flowers, small yellowish green leaves, and waxy white berries.
The plant itself is green, the berries are white.
mistletoe is green with yellowish leaves and has white berries
The berries on mistletoe are white.


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The color of mistletoe berries are White!

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There are over a thousand varieties of mistletoe. Commonly, the berries are white. However, there are some species which have red berries.

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Can berries on mistletoe be red

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Well, that depends on which species you questioning. There are well over 1000 species of mistletoe. Commonly, the berries are white. In a few species, the berries are red. Tht's why people get confused as to the color of the berries. Both red and white are correct answers, but white is more common.

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The berries on mistletoe are poisonous! Do not eat!

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