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Q: What color cape did Harry Houdini wear?
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Does Harry Houdini wear a belt?

Given that he's dead, no.

Does Harry Potter wear a cape or a robe?

A Robe

Why did Harry Houdini wear a suit?

he thought it added character and mystery he found it made it more theatrical

What is Harry Styles favourite color?

Harry's favorite color is orange, but he likes girls who wear pink

What color should you wear on Harry Style's birthday?

Orange because it is his favorite color

Did Harry Houdini wear top hats?

Yes. I have seen photos with one on his head. It was the style of men in his time. But he did not wear them all the time, because , of course, nobody can wear a hat all the time.

Did Zeus have a cape?

No Zeus did not wear a cape he wore a toga.

What color suit does harry wear to the benefit in dumb and dumber?

harry wears baby blue or light blue, and Lloyd wears orange

What did Dracula wear?

Tuxedo and a cape.

Do vampires have a cape?

no! (we do not wear them anymore)

Does Iron Man wear a cape?


Does Wonder Woman wear a cape?


Did Robin Hood wear a cape?

There are several myths about him but none of them say he had a cape. None said he did not have a cape either.

Did Pierre Elliot Trudeau wear a cape?

In the early days of him being prime minister he would wear an evening cape when it was in fashion.

Did Superman ever wear a cape?


What do the teens of Cape Verde wear?


What did the cahiulla wear?

long skirts and a cape

Who's stage name is Get Cape Wear Cape Fly?

sam duckworth & his band

Do you have to be a member to wear a fishing skill cape?

You do not need to be a member to wear a fishing skillcape, however you do need to be a member to aquire the skill cape.

What does Legolas wear in Lord of the Rings?

Legolas is wearing a cape in the color Elf-Grey, and its made in Lorien. (the Elf paradise near the Fangorn Forest)

What would Aztec boys wear?

they would wear a cape, shorts and a shirt

What color to wear for 2012?

Wear your favorite color!

Wear in sandbanks does harry redknapp live?

wear in sandbanks does harry redknapp live

Can you wear a cape to a rave?

You can where anything to a rave. obviously.....

Do vampires wear a cape?

no only super heroes