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think about it. red, orange, YELLOW, green, blue, purple.

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What color comes before orange and green?

In the spectrum, only red comes before both orange and green. (ROYGBIV)The color yellow comes between orange and green in the visible spectrum.

In the visible spectrum what color comes between green and orange?

In order, the visible spectrum is violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Yellow is the color between green and orange.

In the visible spectrum what color comes between orange and green?


What color is between green and orange?


In the visible spectrum what color comes before green and orange?


What color comes between geen and orange?

Yellow Use the acronym ROY G BIV Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet

What color comes after yellow in the visible spectrum of color?

Orange on one side, green on the other.

How did they make the cauliflower orange?

Cauliflower comes in four color varieties. The most familiar color is white, but it also comes in green, purple and orange. The orange variety is caused by a mutation in the cauliflower gene.

What color mixed with green can make orange?

No color that has green in it will ever be orange.

What is the green?

green is a colororange is a color and a fruit

What is the lucky color for a rooster in 2009?

orange, green orange, green

Are blue and orange the national colors of Ireland?

No. Green and orange are the colors of Ireland. Green is the color of the Catholics and orange the color of the Protestants.

What is spoilage of orange fruits?

The spoilage of orange fruits comes with many characteristics. These fruits will often turn a green color and smell bad.

What does each color of the Indian flag stands for?

green color stands for green color and white color stands for for white color and orange color stands for orange color...

What color is the color jasmine?

She is Orange and green!

What color and orange make green?

Orange cannot be used to make green.

How do you make the color green orange?

You could try mixing orange and green.

If an orange wasn't orange what color would it be?

A green orange.AnswerA yellow orange. AnswerIt would be a gold orangeANSWER: - OrangeAnswerAny color but orange

Will mixing green and gold give you an orange color?

No, mixing green and gold will not give you an orange color. Orange is the combination of red and yellow, with the absence of blue. Since green contains blue, and neither color contains red, the resulting color will be a green.

What color comes between green and indigo?


What color combine with green to turn to orange color?

None. Only red and yellow can combine to turn orange. Green has no place in orange at all.

What color can be made by mixing orange with green?

If you mixed the colors orange and green together you would get the color brown!!

What color is radiator fluid?

It comes in many colors. Green, red, pink, orange, blue, yellow, purple.

Does green and orange match?

Yes, If you add yellow color in green then it become orange.

What color make orange and green?

Red + Yellow = Orange Blue + Yellow = Green