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PINK coz i know lots of pepz born in Jan nd i asked there fave colour nd most of them sed pink ! Even a few boiiz did LOL

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Why do people become blind?

People who are blind usually are born with it or are born color blind or something like that. People who are blind usually are born with it or are born color blind or something like that.

What color represents January?

Blue Like A Light Blue

How do peoples eyes change color?

some people are born to have their eyes like that

How does people get their hair color?

Well, people are already born with their hair color, but the sun can change it lighter. Sometimes it looks like you dyed you hair and have highlights because of what the sun can do.

Why do a lot of people like the color blue?

The color personalities are based on how people react in different situations, what people like to do, and how people are in relationships.

How do horses get their colour?

horses get there color like how we get our skin color. horses are born like that.

What is the birthstone of people born on November 6?

The whole November is one birthstone color so the birthstone color is Citrine. It is kinda like an orange-goldish color. ~Your Helper~ lol

Why do people like the color red in China?

The people in China like the color red because in their culture the color red represents joy and good fortune.

Why do you like pink?

Many people like the color pink because it is a perky color and gives people a certain plush feeling if you see it. it is also a very flattering color,People like the group Pink because they like Pink's music.

What famous people were born on January 9?

Virendra de Alwis was born on that day he is like so awesomeposted byAlso Professor Severus Snape was born on this day.

How many people like the color pink?

only girly-girls like the color pink

Why do people like the color black?

People feel that the color black is a place where no one can find them and its simsply just a cozy color!

What percentage of people in America like the color purple?

14 percent of people in America chose the color purple as their favorite color

How many people like the color green?

a lot of people like green

How many people like the color red?

there could be like 100000000 people who like the colour red

Can your eyes change color from staring at another color?

No, but some people are born with eyes that change between two closely related colors (like green and blue) seasonally and some are two different rings of color in their eyes. It all depends what eyes you were born with.

Who helped black people like black people?

black people like black people because they are the same color

Champagne colored horses are born with what color of skin?

Champagne horses are born with the color coat of tan like buckskin's.

How do dogs get their color?

dogs get there color from there parents it runs in their genes just like how people get there hair color

Why do a lot of whites do not like the president?

A lot of Americans do not like the President, because the number of people unemployed has gone up since he was inaugurated in January 2009. An unemployed person is not going to like politicians who hold the power, irregardless of the color of their skin. It does not have anything to do with the color of the skin of the President. A lot more Americans are out of work now than were out of work in December 2008. Unemployed people are unhappy people.

Are people judged based on color or class?

Both, most people judge by color because they don't like change, meaning they don't like people different color from them, meaning a changed color(that doesn't make scense does it?). Class beause some rich people hate poor people just because they are poor

Are hippos colour blind?

No, not all hippos are color blind. They are just like humans where some are some are born with color vision and some are born color blind.

Why do all white people like deviled eggs?

'All white people' do not like deviled eggs. Liking deviled eggs - or any other food - has nothing to do with the color of one's skin. It's imply a matter of taste - some people of any skin color will like them, and some people of any skin color will not like them.

How do you get the the skin color of Selena Gomez?

you can't get her skin color unless you were born Hispanic like her

Do you like the color greeen?

People like curtain colors and i like green too

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