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All laser printers have at least one color in common: black. If the laser printer is capable of printing in color, then it has three additional toner cartridges in cyan, magenta, and yellow. It combines those three to create the other colors that it needs to produce such as green, brown, silver, purple, and so forth.

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Where can I buy order toner cartridges for my laser printer?

Toner cartridges for laser printers can be found at many retail outlets, both in store and online. is a reliable place to purchase laser printer toner cartridges.

Where can I find cheap printer cartridges?

Low prices on Printer Ink Cartridges, Laser Toner Cartridges and other office ... Only High Quality Cartridges Guaranteed Low prices on Printer Ink Cartridges, Laser Toner Cartridges and other office ... Only High Quality Cartridges Guaranteed Low prices on Printer Ink Cartridges, Laser Toner Cartridges and other office ... Only High Quality Cartridges Guaranteed Low prices on Printer Ink Cartridges, Laser Toner Cartridges and other office ... Only High Quality Cartridges Guaranteed?

What is a laser printer's toner cartridge?

Laser printer use toners to print documents. Toners are powder-like substance that is housed on toner cartridges.Toner cartridges are to laser printers while ink cartridges are to inkjet printers.

What printers use the Canon 120 toner?

The Canon 120 laser printer uses the OEM 1382A005AA laser toner cartridges. The Canon laser toner cartridges and printer supplies for your Canon C120 are high quality.reliable toners withexceptional yields.

What is a laser toner cartridge?

A laser toner cartridge simply means a toner cartridge that goes in a laser printer. The toner cartridge is what provides the ink for printing. These tend to be more cost efficient than other printer cartridges.

Printer type for ink jet and laser printers?

That is the printer type. Ink jet printers take ink cartridges and laser printers take laser toner cartridges.

What are there for toner cartridges when it comes to printers?

The name of the toner cartridges depends on the brand of your printer, although in rare cases, generic cartridges will suffice. Do you have an inkjet printer or a laser printer? What model is it? My advice is to find your manual and read about your printer and the corresponding cartridge needed.

Where can one purchase Dell toner cartridges?

Find discount prices on genuine IBM printer ink, laser printer toner & ink cartridges for your IBM inkjet or laser printer and copier or fax. Get free shipping on all orders over $100!

Where can one find more information about HP laser printer toner cartridges?

Information about HP laser printer toner cartridges can be found all over the web. They can be found not only on the HP website but various technology websites.

Where is a good place to find HP laser printer toner cartridges?

Hewlett Packard laser printer toner cartridges can be purchased from all good printing and electronics stores. Alternatively, try websites such as Amazon,, and many others.

What toners are used to produce a color print?

Toner is a powder used for laser printers. It is not to be confused with printer ink. Toner cartridges to be used for color printing come in cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

How can you recycle your laser toner cartridges?

You can recycle your laser toner cartridges by going to your local recycling or waste management companies in order to ask them about recycling your laser toner cartridges.

What is the best way to get rid of laser printer toner cartridges?

return this to the manufacturer or dealer to be recycled.

What exactly does laser toner cartridges mean?

Laser toner cartridges are simply the 'ink' that a laser printer uses to write. They uses a type of dry ink particle that is picked by the drum through a static charge imprinted by the laser and then stuck onto the paper.

How many times do I have to replace a inkjet cartridge?

A laser printer actually uses toner, not inkjet cartridges. It is very difficult to say how many times you will have to replace toner or cartridges because it all depends on the type of printer you have and your printer usage.

How many separate toner cartridges does a laser color printer have?

They usually have four, one black and one of each colour (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow).

Is it safe to throw away an empty color laser toner?

"No, because if its not empty, it can create harmful emitters that lead to other health problems. To dispose of printer toner cartridges, one has to eliminate the toner or even the ink cartridge from the printer. This would facilitate the method of disposal. Any printer repairs of printing supplies would allow it to be simple to set up the effectiveness of printer toner cartridges. If the cartridges are from genuine dealers or companies, there really should generally be safety actions that have the manuals on how to proceed with printer materials. Typically, facts regarding how to dispose of empty printer toner cartridges effectively also as strategies of recycling is enclosed on invest in of the printer."

What is the difference between laser printers and mono laser printers?

By definition a laser printer uses a process of electrostatic digital printing in which a laser beam is passed over a charged drum in order to define an image that is deferentially charged rapidly producing graphics and text of a high quality. A mono (or monochrome) laser printer is a laser printer that only has one ink toner cartridge, almost always black. It is a black and white printer. It may also be possible to get different color cartridges but only one can be used at a time so it is still a monochrome printer. Specialty ink cartridges are also available such as magnetic ink cartridges (MICR) for printing the bottom of a check. A color laser printer is one that has multiple ink toner cartridges so that it can print in various colors The toner cartridges are usually yellow, magenta, cyan (like yellow red, blue). The better laser printers will have a separate black cartridge for monochrome printing. Other black printing is done by combining all three ink color to get black which is wasteful and expensive.

What laser toner cartridges are compatible for HP printers?

You will have to check your specific model of printer in order to determine which toner cartridges will work with it. You can go to HP's website for help if you are having trouble.

What is the cost of an HP Color LaserJet 2840 printer toner cartridge?

The cost of printer toner cartridges for an HP Color LaserJet 2840 is right around $100 a piece. The black toner is a little bit less expensive than the color toner.

Where can one puchase a laser printer toner cartridge online?

Laser printer toner cartridges can be purchased at many online retail sites. Staples allows you to order online as well as Amazon. It may be preferable, though, to go to the site of the printer manufacturer.

Which type of printer uses toner?

The laser printer uses toner.

How to purchase toner laser cartridges?

All you need it do, is write down what printer it is that you have. Then what you do is type it in somewhere, and it will pull up all sorts of lovely information about your printer and what ink cartridges you need for it.

What is the purpose of cartridges used within laser printers?

The cartridges in laser printers contain toner that allows the print to show on the page. A laser printer works by having a laser directed at a photosensitive drum. Without the toner, charged particles from the drum would be transferred to the paper, but they would be colorless.

How expensive is discount laser toner?

Discount laser toner is not very expensive. A pack with one toner costs less than $100 dollars. Laser toner can be used in a laser printer only and comes in black or multi color.