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I think that Patrick Stump has murky green eyes. Have a look on Google images and have a look at the picture with him wearing the hat with a love heart and a few words. yeah there green an in some pics of him there like a really bright green but u gotta see on where he doents have galsses on *sigh*. You guys are both wrong, they are actually blue, according to his birth certificate. * Okay, I was wrong. I admit it. His eyes are a murky green. You can just sometimes see a hint of blue. But it's mostly green and brown. According to Wikipedia he has Heterochromia which means his eye colour either changes (according to light) or that he has two different eye colours (one for each eye) it is usually caused by loss or damage of the iris other celebreties with this condition include Dan Aykroyd and Christopher Walken.

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