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Illegal without a permit. Check laws on bells and whistles.

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What colored lights are used for what varies by state. Typically, you need a permit to display red or blue lights on your vehicle (and, in some states, green, as well). Red flashing strobes can be used on the back of a vehicle without it being an emergency vehicle, only so long as they flash simultaneously - this is why taillight flasher units which alternate between the brake lights and reverse lamp concurrently on both sides are legal for non-emergency vehicles.

GA law addreeses only amber, red, and blue lights. With that being said, no. It is legal to have clear/white lighting on your vehicle, but it does not designate your vehicle as an emergency vehicle.Note that it is best to just get an amber permit and use amber or amber and clear lights, using just white can generally appear to be blue in some conditions.See below link:

No, not in public. You can carry a gun in your vehicle in Mississippi, but not in public without a permit.

80 inches on any vehicle without a permit.

Same reason morons can reproduce without a permit.

You can't legally keep it accessible unless you have a carry permit. If you have a permit, you can keep it anywhere in the car. Without a permit, it has to be unloaded and inaccessible.

You can not register a vehicle in NJ on a permit so therefore you can not get insurance on a car in NJ on a permit. However, If your insuring a vehicle that is co-owned by your parents then they can insure it for you but you cant go anywhere without them or a responsible adult.

You can carry a handgun openly without a permit, except in your vehicle. To carry a gun in your vehicle, or to carry a gun concealed, you must have a NH permit or a permit that is recognized by the state of NH. For more information, see, or

It depends on where you are and the circumstances. In the U.S. if you have a permit valid in the state where you are, yes, you can. Without a permit, it depends on the state law.

The VEHICLE that you are driving must be properly insured.

== == Yes. You can purchase a vehicle, but you cannot operate the vehicle without a license and insurance. In many cases, you can insure a 'principle driver'. This is a person of legal age with a legal permit to operate the vehicle. You will forever be the passenger until you obtain your own permit. At this time, you may also seek to insure yourself as the vehicle's principle driver.

That is illegal and is treated as operating a vehicle without a licence. If caught you could get your permit taken away, suspended, or even get your licence revoked.

Tennessee requires a permit to carry a pistol on your person. Without a permit, you can have a pistol in your home or on your personal private property, or you can transport it unloaded in a vehicle.

I believe the person with the permit will be at fault regardless of who caused the accident. 1) The person with a permit is not allowed to operate the vehicle without a licensed driver in the car. 2) The person with a permit most likely is not insured.

No. You can't operate a motor vehicle on public roads unless you have a current learners permit (then only with an adult), or with a valid drivers license.

No. You cannot operate a vehicle on any public roadways or public property without a valid operator license or permit. Period.

Yes. You can be the registered owner of a vehicle and apply for license plates even without having a drivers permit.

Contact the local vehicle authorities in regards to the limitations/exceptions of vehicle usage, including and not limited to, bus driving without a valid license or permit. It may vary in different areas.

A 3 day permit to move vehicle from one place to another To be able to drive vehicle for 3 days.

NO The driver must have a permit or a license to drive since he is the one operating a motor vehicle.

Less than 4' without a permit without a slope and 3' with a slope. As high as you want if you have a permit for it.

yes if you turn it anyone who says you cant In Tennessee, it is illegal to carry a handgun on your person or accessible in a vehicle unless you have a Tennessee permit (or a permit from any other state. Tennessee recognizes permits from any state).

You can't carry a gun in Georgia without a permit.

You can't carry a gun in Georgia without a permit.

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