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He loves blondes Paperatzzi

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Only Jake T. Austin can answer this question.

eat sushi and pasta die your hair brown nock out his girl friend.

A lot of people like Jake T Austin I used to until he curled his hair. He still looks cute even though he curled his hair it actually looks better.

Jake T. Austin is part Argentinian so he looks south American which explains his dark brown curly hair.

His hair color is a dark and light brown. U can look at his video say your just a friend and tell what color his hair is.

Yes, he is 14 and reaching puberty and he's starting to get hair in his armpits.according to this picture he is in early stages

he likes them to have brown hair,brown eyes,laid back style but can dress up,with an interesting and funny personality and he will date down to 13.

Jake t. Austin, Asa Butterfield, Hero Fiennes Tiffin

He said that he likes girl whit any kind of hair color :)

Rihanna's hair was red in the only girl music video.

Not always. The color of the hair on your head does not have to match the rest of your body hair.

I don't think he has a "preffered" hair color. I don't think Rob's shallow like that.

He likes girls that have Blond hair but have black and brown in it to (I have that kind of hair) (:

it depends on the girl really

its a reddish brown color for hair In Hawaiian

He mostly goes for girls with musical talent and girls with dark hair.

Jake t. Austin hair looks like light brown,silky,and smooth.his hair style is like zac efron(in HSM 1). jades answer: his hair is dark brown its also cury with a smooth and silky look. his hair is unique in its own way!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111 the 2nd paragraph it what he used to look like the 1st paragraph is what his hair looks like now.

Any color that goes good w/ your skin.

Barbra's hair is brown like the color when she played in funny girl and all the pictures where her hair is curly like in A star is born, she dyes it light and has hair extensions.