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its was brown before as he got older it got whiter or some blonde type

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Who was the US President when gold was found at Sutters mill in 1848?

Our 11th President James K. Polk.James K. Polkjames k polkJames K. Polk

What does the k in James K. Polk?

James Knox Polk

What does the K in James K. Polk stand for?

The "k" in James K. Polk stands for "Knox."

Where do James k Polk live 2014?

where does James k Polk live

What trendy hair di James K. Polk popularize?

the mullet.

Where James K. Polk born and died?

where was james k. polk born

Why was James K. Polk impeached?

James K. Polk was never impeached.

How old was James K. Polk when he had children?

james polk was 37

How old was James K. Polk when he became president?

James K. Polk was 49 when he became president.

How James K Polk died?

James k. Polk dies of old age at 53 peacefully in his sleep

What is James k polks religin?

James K. Polk was a Presbyterian.

What state did James K. Polk die in?

James K. Polk died in the state of Tennessee, at his home in Nashville.

What did James K. Polk acommplish?

James K. Polk added the Oregon Territory and Texas to the United States

When did Inauguration of James K. Polk happen?

Inauguration of James K. Polk happened on 1845-03-04.

When was James K. Polk Ancestral Home created?

James K. Polk Ancestral Home was created in 1816.

Where did James K. Polk married?

James K. Polk was married in Murfreesboro, Tennessee at the bride's home Sarah Childress.

What is James K. Polk likes?

James K. Polk didn't have fun to make an example he banned Alcohol and Dancing

Was James K. Polk impeached?

No -- Polk was never impeached.

Who was James K. Polk marry to?

Sarah Childress Polk

What number president was James K. Polk?

James Polk was the 11th US president.

Was James K. Polk the tenth child?

James Polk was the oldest of ten children.

What did James K. Polk have to do with Manifest Destiny?

James k. Polk was a president after Andrew Jackson, they both where a very big part of the manifest destiny, James k. Polk was the one who believed in them and encouraged them during the things that he/she had a hard time with the things that they did. James K. Polk was the person who incouraged them and he also was oppart of the manifest destiny and so was andrew jackson after he wasent president james k. polk took his place. hope this helps :)

How was James K. Polk killed?

James k Polk dies of an illness called cholera morbus resulting in debilitating diarrhea.

Who was James K. Polk s wife?

James K. Polk was married to Sarah Childress(A daughter of a prominent family) in 1824.

Dates of James K. Polk presidency?

James K. Polk was president from March 4, 1845 to March 4, 1849

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