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What color is Mercury?


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Mercury, the planet, has a light orange and yellow collor, and rocky surface which is covered with a thick layer of dust.

Mercury, the element, is silver in color when it its pure liquid state.

Mercury, the automobile, is whatever color you want to buy.
mercury is orangish grayish color and is just like the moon


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the color of mercury is gray it has no color

silver is the color of the element mercury silver is the color of the element mercurySilvery

mercury is a silvery color.

Mercury is not a gas; mercury is a liquid metal. Mercury vapors hasn't color.

Mercury is a dark red color.

Mercury is gray becuz an asteroid has crashed into Mercury and made it the color it is today : ]

The true color of Mercury is mostly gray.

Mercury is grayish/whitish color, or a dark gray!

Mercury chloride color is yellowish-white.

Mercury got its color because, Its the closest planet to the sun.

The color of mercury is grey and its temperature is -170 to -400

The color of mercury(II) hydroxide is tan-brown.

The color of mercury in flame is red.

the color of the planet mercury is brown

Mercury is appears light orange from Earth But its surface is actually a gray color

From Earth, Mercury is a reddish orangery color. But it is actually a light shade of gray.

Mercury is a silver colored liquid.

Mercury is gray in color.

Mercury can be described as being a silvery-white metal.

Mercury is a dense liquid metal and is gray.

It is like liquid silverish color.

Mercury is a orange and red and yellowish color

Because the color of a phoenix is like Mercury red!!

Because Phoenix's are a Mercury red color.

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