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What color is Ochre?

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Ochre is a light brownish-yellow.

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Is ochre an aboriginal color?

Yes, but there are different shades of ochre. There is red ochre, orange ochre and yellow ochre, for example.

How does the color ochre look like?

The color ochre looks like an earthy, yellow mustard. Dried clay is also combined with a painting medium, producing a reddish or rusty brown version of ochre.

What is a Color starting with letter o?

orange ochre

What is ochre and who uses it?

Ochre is the name of a yellow-brown color, that can be found in nature (like clay). It's also the name of a musician.

What is a color that begins with O besides orange?

ochre Opal

What color is the color ocre?

The color ochre is a deep forest, olive, brown green. It's like the color of dying plants.

If you mix darker yellow with red what color does it make?

Red ochre.

What color do pink and lime green form when mixed?

brownish ochre

In ancient Egypt what did they color there hair and skin with?

Kohl, henna, ochre, malachite,

What color hat does doc have from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

Ochre coloured .

What color do you get if you mix brown and yellow?

yellow + brown = yellow ochre... i thought...

What colors can make a dandelion color?

the mix color of dandelion is pink,yellow and orange

What liquid is used for ochre paint?

When asking what liquid is used for Ochre ( Ocher ) paint there is more than one liquid that can be used depending on the makeup of the pigment, as Ochre is more of a description of paint color than it is of what liquid is used for Ochre, if you are using Acrylic Ochre than the liquid used would be merely Water to mix / thin, But if you are using an Oil based Ochre than a liquid such as turpentine thinner, linseed oil, mineral spirits ect.. there are many choices on the market, But you must also take into account the side effect's to you're health using certain Thinner's, please read up on them, On the market now today you Can purchase the Newer made Oil paints that use Water as a thinner liquid, And Lastly Ochre ( Ocher ) is more than one single color, it can be in many light & dark colors.

What is ochre made from?

Orche is made by a stoneware are many different colors and to make it turn a reddish color heating it...............

How is ochre traditionally used by aboriginal people?

ochre is used with Marzia

What is the plural of ochre?

Ochres is the plural of ochreOchroes is the plural of ochro

What color is ocher?

Ocher is an earth pigment and comes in various shades of yellow, red and brown. It is generally spelled Ochre.

What color is the lion's mane?

The lion's mane is ochre.

When was Ochre - musician - born?

Ochre - musician - was born in 1979.

What is aboriginal dot art made of?

What color is a peacocks tail?

different colors :- light green, dark green, sky blue, navy blue and ochre(yellow)

How do you make offwhite color?

I've never done it but I would try adding some small amounts of ochre or similar colours

Names for the color brown?

buff, earth yellow, chocolate, Mahogany, Sepia, Ochre, Rust, bronze are also the shades of brown.

What surfaces is ochre applied to?

Ochre is a pigment used in paintings. It is made from iron mixed with clay.

What is liquid mixed with ochre?

Ochre is mixed with water so the paint becomes wet and paintable.