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A giraffes fur color shoud be brown.

Giraffes' tongues are a sort of purple color.

a giraffes body structure has four legs a vertabrea and are the tallest animals

giraffes do not have horns

They are yellow with brown spots.

Giraffes can communicate with body language and with sounds. Giraffes can moo, bleat, and grunt. They snort when they are alarmed. Usually giraffes are just quiet though.

purple, with splotches of screaming green

There are two hundred seven bones in the body of a giraffe. Giraffes have only seven vertebrae in their neck, the same number as humans have.

Giraffes Body CoveringI believe giraffes have skin, like a human being, under a short layer of hair or fur-- probably called hair, since it does not shed.skinhairspots on the hair

Their eyes can be various colors and rage from black to brown to redish brown. It really depends on the giraffe.A giraffes eye could easily be any color like any person but it is found that most giraffes eyes are brown.

A giraffes tonge is a black hope this helped :)

Pink and it depends on each animal.

Giraffes have the same number of vertebrate in their neck that humans do in their entire body. Giraffes also have seven cervical vertebrate, but each one is ten inches long.

Giraffes usually have a tan base with reddish-brown blotches on them. No two color schemes are the same. The blotches will get darker the older the giraffe gets.

no they have a different variation of spot's and colour and all ............

Giraffes, you idiot... Or a golden cow.

They have the same number of bones as humans had

so it doesnt get its body hot and bothered

They both have a pattern on their body and they live in grasslands.

every warm blooded creature on this earth has RED blood

It is 18 to 20 inches long and is this blue-ish, black-ish,purple-ish color.

Collective nouns for giraffes are:a corps of giraffesa herd of giraffesa tower of giraffesa stretch of giraffesa troop of giraffesa totter of giraffes

There are 7 bones in a giraffes' neck. Us humans have 7 bones as well, theirs' are just larger.

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