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The hippo is mainly a blueish-grayish-purple and has a little bit of brown. This color is hard to describe, so you can look it up on a search engine, Google or Yahoo will work.

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Collective noun for hippopotamuses?

The collective nouns are a bloat of hippopotamuses; a crash of hippopotamuses; or a herd of hippopotamuses.

What is a group of hippopotamuses called?

The collective nouns are:a bloat of hippopotamusesa pod of hipposa raft of hippopotamuses

Is a hippopotamuses a pig?


Where are hippopotamuses from?

They are from Africa.

Why are hippopotamuses blue?

Hippopotamuses are blue because when sunlight shines on their fat skin it glows blue!

Are hippopotamuses mammals?


What is dead in the ocean?


Are hippopotamuses cute?

If you think they are.

Are hippopotamuses nocturnal?

Yes they are.

Do hippopotamuses eat zebras?


What is the appropriate collective noun for hippopotami?

The collective nouns for hippopotami (hippopotamuses or hippos) are: a bloat of hippopotami a crash of hippopotamuses a huddle of hippos a school of hippopotami a pod of hippopotamuses a herd of hippos a thunder of hippopotami

Are hippopotamuses endangered?

yes,they are endangered

How many hearts do Hippopotamuses have?


How do hippopotamuses mark their territory?

They lick it.

What colour is a hippopotamuses?

greyinsh white

Do pygmy hippopotamuses have a tail?

Yes they do.

Are there hippopotamus in Australia?

Hippopotamuses are not native to Australia. However, some zoos do feature either the full sized species or pygmy hippopotamuses. Werribee Open Range Zoo, for example, has hippopotamuses, while Melbourne Zoo has the pygmy species.

What is the hippopotamuses habitat?

Sub Saharan Africa

Why do hippopotamuses scatter their dung?

to mark their territory

What is the closest living relative to the whale?

The Hippopotamuses

What is the collective noun for many hippopotamuses?


Do hippopotamuses have fur?

No they have a hide similar to an elephant.

Elephants rhinoceroses and hippopotamuses belong to what family?


What animal is native to Nigeria?

elephants,warthogs and hippopotamuses

Are Hippopotamuses Warm or Cold Blooded?

Warm blooded.

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