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What color is a rainbow at night?

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red yellow and green

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What is the innermost color of the rainbow?

The innermost color of the rainbow is violet.

When was Color Me a Rainbow created?

Color Me a Rainbow was created in 1987.

What colors does rainbow dash like?

Rainbow Dash likes just about every color. When asked "What is your favorite color" during her hot minute, Rainbow Dash responded, "Is rainbow a color?".

Is pink the first color of the rainbow?

pink isn't a color in the rainbow yes

Is the color purple being taken out of the rainbow?

No one can take out a color from a rainbow.

What color of the rainbow has the highest energy photons?

The rainbow color with the highest energy photons is violet. The rainbow color with the lowest energy photons is red.

What is the main color of the rainbow?

There is no main color in the rainbow. There are seven constituent colors of the white light. We called the spectrum as rainbow.

What color is the last in the rainbow?

In Newton's sevenfold, violet would be the last color of the rainbow.

What are not the colors of the rainbow?

There is no color your eye can see that is not in the rainbow.

Can snakes change their color at all?

Yes, some species can. I.e the Epicrates (rainbow boa) family changes their color during night time. Both Brazilian and Colombian rainbow boas fade at their flanks, which turn from brown to a grey/white color. This is referred to as "whitewalling".

What color is unicorn's poop?

i been on a rainbow and sall a unicorn well it was pooping and the color was rainbow

What is the duration of Color Me a Rainbow?

The duration of Color Me a Rainbow is 1320.0 seconds.

What is the real name of dark world rainbow?

Night rainbow.

Is rainbow a real color?

The rainbow is made up of several colors. Rainbow is not an actual color, but a collage of all the colors that exist within it. People believe that rainbow is a color because it is just a shorter way than saying 'every color in the visible light spectrum'. Thus, the term rainbow acts like a color, but is just a collage of colors.

Why there is no rainbow at night?

There is no "why" because it's possibl to see a rainbow at night, but rare. The reason is that the source of the colors in the rainbow during the day is the sun, whereas the source at night can only be the moon, which is much less bright, so any rainbow at night would be much less noticeable.

What is a rainbow at night?

A "Moonbow"

Is rainbow a horse color?


What color is boron?


What color was his house?


Do they see color?

yes, rainbow color......weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

What is the first color in the rainbow?

the first color is red

If you color Hawaii what color should it be?

rainbow colors

What color is boys sperm?

every color in the rainbow

What is the fashion color of 2010?

the fashion color is rainbow

What is the best color of the rainbow?

It depends on what your favorite color is.

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