What color is a red pencil?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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The external colour can be any colour,

The definition of a 'Red Pencil' is a pencil with a read lead (graphite) centre. Traditionally 'Red Pencils' were use to delete, correct. or censor text

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Q: What color is a red pencil?
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What is the meaning of audit pencil?

A double sided pencil with black and red color, preferred by auditors.

What color is Laurentian pencil crayon number three?

Poppy Red

Why is the traditional pencil color yellow?

because the pencil would like to be that color and not a different color

What color is laurentian pencil crayon number twenty one?

It used to be called Indian Red but they changed it to Roan Red to be more politically sensitive.

How do you make a color changing pencil?

you put different colored pencil fillings in the pencil

What color should a pencil bag be?

Any color you like really. It's your pencil bag. It should be which ever color you favor the most.

Is a colored pencil still a pencil?

It is still a pencil, but you can't erase the coloring completely if it's a normal color pencil.

What does un lapiz de colores mean in English?

lapiz de color = colored pencil

Which color is the best in the Crayola colored pencil?

the color blue.

How do you write 'red pencil' in Chinese?

'Red pencil' written in Chinese is '红铅笔'. In pinyin it is 'hong qian bi'. 'Hong' or '红' is 'red' while, pencil is 'qian bi' or '铅笔'.

What color is numbers 3 and 4 in the laurentian pencil crayons?

Number 3 is Poppy Red and number 4 is Cerise (formerly Hollywood Cerise).

Which color of light makes plants grow faster?

its the color of a pencil