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It depends on what kind of shark it is, most sharks are Grey and White. Some are Blue and some are Grey.
the color of a shark is grey!

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What color is the cookie cutter shark?

Brown/black It depends from shark to shark.

What color is the Great White Shark?

the great white shark can be gray or light blue in color

What color is shark color?

Their mostly black or gray but if its a whale shark brownish with white spots.

What color is a hammerhead shark?

a hammerhead shark is a brownish white

What color is the shark?


What color is a goblin shark?

a goblin shark is gray grayish pink

What is the color of a tiger shark?

A tiger sharks color is Gray, Grayish brown and in the uper area or the shark it is a darker brown.

What color is a thresher shark?


What color is a whale shark?


What color is the horn shark?


What color is a shark egg?


What color is a bull shark?

luminous yellow

What color are the hammer shark?

h ggf

The coloration of the shark is called?


Color of a hammer head shark?


What is a shark camouflage?

Essentially, its color skin.

What is the color of a nurse shark?

gray ~kb

What color is the frilled shark?

i dont even

What is shark s best color?


What color is a great white shark?

The great white shark can be a light gray (also bluish and brownish shades) on top, with an underside that is much whiter in color.

What color is the liver of A shark?

A shark liver is a pinkish reddish color just like the human liver is. A sharks liver has the main function of storing oil.

What is the skin color Nurse shark?

The normal skin colour of a Nurse Shark would be grey - brown

What is the color of a whale shark?

blue with white spots

How does a shark adapt to its habitat?

It has a special color to camaflage

What color is the Hammerhead Shark?

gray... hope this helped!

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