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In humans and other hemoglobin-using creatures, oxygenated blood is bright red. This is due to oxygenated iron in the red blood cells. Deoxygenated blood is a darker shade of red, which can be seen during blood donation and when venous blood samples are taken. However, due to an optical effect caused by the way in which light penetrates through the skin, veins typically appear blue in color. This has led to a common misconception that venous blood is blue before it is exposed to air. Another reason for this misconception is that medical charts always show venous blood as blue in order to distinguish it from arterial blood which is depicted as red on the same chart. The blood of horseshoe crabs is blue, which is a result of its high content in copper-based hemocyanin instead of the iron-based hemoglobin found, for example, in humans.

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Blood in the veins is what color?

The color of the blood is RED, the color of the vein is bluish color, that is why it looks like your blood color is blue when you look at them. If you heard of a story that your blood turns color RED when your blood is exposed to oxygen, that is incorrect.

What color is the gaint squids blood color?

the color of a giant squids blood is blue

What is the blood color of snakes?

snakes blood color is red.

Do mealworms have blood?

Mealworms actually have blood. The blood is rather different even in terms of color as it appears to be neon pink in color.

What is the color of venous blood?

Venous blood is dark red color.

Why is the color of the blood a light red to orange color when they have anemia?

Decreased red blood cell concentration in the blood may lead to decreased intensity of red color in a blood sample. Red blood cells are the formed element that gives blood its expected color.

What determines color of blood?

The determination of blood's color will depend on if there is oxygen in the blood or not oxygenated blood is a dark red color, the same color of the blood that comes out of am open scratch, Or Blue if it has little to no oxygen at all

What color blood do fish have?

Fish blood looks much like human blood and is red in color.

Is your blood a purple color?

Yes, the blood in your veins is a purple-red color, your arteries have red blood.

What cells give blood its red color?

Red blood cells give blood its red color.

What protein give blood its color?

Proteins don't give blood its color, the great amount of red blood cells do. Hence the name, they are red and give blood its color.

What is the color of your blood?

Blood is red.

Blood going away from the heart is what color?

what color is blood goging to the heart

What is the color of blood coming from the heart?

the color of the blood coming from your heart is red

When giving an injection into the blood stream what color blood is the artery?

the color is blue

What is the difference in the color of blood found in veins and color of blood found in arteries?

all blood is the same colour

Blood gets it color from presence of?

Blood gets its color from the presence of oxegenated iron.

What color is your blood while you are pregnant?

It doesn't change. Your blood is always the same color.

Why color is the blood?

The color of blood is BLUE before it touches air. Freaky right

What is the duration of Color Me Blood Red?

The duration of Color Me Blood Red is 1.32 hours.

What causes the red color of blood?

The number of white blood cells is out numbered bye the red making the blood the color that it is.

Does blood in superficial or deep blood vessels gives color to the skin?

The superficial blood vessels give color to the face.

What color are the blood gang?

red for blood.

Which gives the blood its color?

Hemoglobin, a protein and iron compound, gives blood its red color.

What is the color of your blood before it comes out of your veins?

the color of your blood before it comes out of your veins is blue