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What color is the ground conductor?


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2004-12-23 09:41:31
2004-12-23 09:41:31

Depends on what you are wiring. Green is a common color used for ground. Sometimes it is just a bare copper wire.


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Generally, for alternating current, the convention is that the black color coded conductor is hot, energized, or positive as you call it, the white color coded conductor is neutral, or ground, and the green coded conductor is earth, or a "grounding" conductor.j3h.

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an underground conductor can be any color except white, grey or green.

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What two colors may be used for the ground conductor (neutral)

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Cable faults are normally categorised as (a) conductor-to-earth (ground) faults, (b) conductor-to-conductor faults, and (c) conductor-to-conductor-to earth (ground) faults. In addition to that, we can categorise them by whether they are 'high-resistance' or 'low-resistance' faults.

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The identified conductor is white or natural grey in color. If you are using a zip cord (Lamp cord) is is the conductor with the ribs on it.

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