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What color is the ignition wire coming off the ignition switch in the steering column on a 1982 GMC Vandura 1 ton?

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Everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and a professional shop manual should be available at your local library for diagnostic procedures etc, just make copies of the right pages, as they are usually REFERENCE up and good luck :)

2006-07-28 18:10:48
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How do you change an ignition switch on a 1990 Cadallic?

you have to go under the dash and take out the steering column. and the ignition switch should have a wire going down to the bottom of the column coming from the ignition lock.

Why is there Smoke coming from steering column?

its happened to mechanic says it was the ignition switch of my car....had it replaced for $300

Where does the rod coming off the switch that follows the steering column down hook onto?

It hooks into the ignition switch at the bottom and the ignition lock switch at the top.

How do you find ignition wire 1985 Plymouth Voyager?

The main Ignition wire from the switch is dark blue, look under your steering column, and there are screws to separate a piece of plastic, directly behind your steering wheel, and you will see the dark blue wire coming from the switch

How do you clean a key that's has the Pass Key II?

your key for ignition is made for that specific computer in your car,i had to replace my whole steering column,the salvage yard told me the key coming with it would didnt it kept telling me to clean the key,so i had to pop out the old ignition outa the old steering column and it started first time!

What color is the ignition wire coming off the steering column of an 83 Chevy S-10 2.8l V-6?

This wire should be pink/black.

Where is the ignition starter switch located on a 1987 Dodge truck?

The ignition switch is located on top of the steering column when you remove the two nuts, one per side, and drop it down. The tilt column has this, but the fixed column (non-tilted) igintion lock has a harness coming out of the switch and runs through the column, then plugs into the harness under the dash. That's how I can tell the difference between the two.

1978 Chevy K10 neutral safety switch location?

The neutral safety switch is located on the steering column where it passes through the firewall on the inside. There are four wires coming out of it. To access it you must remove the small lower dash panels under the steering column, remove nuts holding steering column up to dash, remove four bolts that hold the bracket to column, remove ignition switch mounted on top of column, unplug large plug to lower right of ignition switch on steering column, pull switch out of way while paying attention to ignition switch rod coming from actual key switch and how it goes together. Not sure how to actually remove switch, but I don't think it is too hard. It is a relatively inexpensive part, hardest part is reaching it without tearing more apart. Shouldn't be to big of a problem all in all.

What causes squeaking on 2006 Pontiac Torrent?

squeaking noise coming from sleeve covered arm coming from steering column to the wheel

Why is there white smoke coming out of your steering column 00 Altima Electrical fire or relay or switch?

smoke means fire. u obviously have an electrical short in steering column. best take it to an auto electrician

What is wrong if your turn signal is coming and staying on without you touching it?

Could be a problem inside the steering column

96 s10 that was running fine but recently had trouble with ignition When the key was turned to on position no lights turn on but if you turn it farther than the starter turns but the car doesn't start?

Check to see if it has a rod coming out of the bottom area of steering column--controlled by ignition switch that may have become mal-adjusted or bent I'd start with the ignition switch....

Park avenue have smoke coming from steering column?

short in your turn signal switch...replace it.....check your brake lights

What is the Buzzing noise coming from your steering column?

What kind of car? It could be the horn shorting out? or another electrical issue with blinkers, etc. Can also be the power steering resivoir is low of fluid.

How do you change ignition switch on 1969 nova?

Locate the steering column retaining bolts under the column and remove them. Drop the column down to access the switch that is mounted on top of column. There will be a rod that operates this switch coming from the lock. Disconnect the wiring harness from the switch and then remove the retaining screws and rod coming from the ignition lock. Simple as that. If you lost keys and want to replace lock, no use going through all that tearing up of die-cast metal just sign up with AAA. It is only $60 a year and they will have someone make a key for you and then you have the most important tool for changing the ignition lock. Since all kinds of posts are available on how to change the LOCK I gave the answer to the question asked and did not share lock replacement here...

Where is the power steering on vauxalll corsa redg 1999?

All power steering systems use a pump on the front of the engine driven by a belt. This pump will have metal lines coming from it that connect to the steering box, or power rack that is near the steering column that comes out of the cabin.

Why is gasoline coming out of the ignition switch?

Why is gasoline coming out of the ignition switch?

How do you remove the overdrive switch button housing from the end of a 1997 F150 shifter lever The part with the three wires coming out of the steering column?

== ==

What causes the Steering wheel to move side ways on my 1989 Celebrity?

If you have a tilt steering column the movement is caused by the tilt mechanism literally coming apart. I had several cars with that problem, I went to a junkyard and bought replacement columns that were in good condition and replaced the entire column.

Where do you plug in the cord coming off the turn signal lever you got a new one and there is a cord off of it crus controle and you cant find where it pluGS to thanks?

Should be under the cover of the underside of the steering column usually close the the connector harness for the steering column 4 bolts that hold up the column might have to be removed for access

How do I know if my power steering pump went out if my power steering fluid is low or if it is my steering column that is broken?

If you are losing fluid, you need to find out where it is going. Usually it is pretty easy to find most leaks: out of the seals on the pump, out of the lines or cooler, out of the steering gear, or out of the rack and pinion. Sometimes you'll have to poke a small hole in the rubber boot on the rack and watch for fluid coming out. Your steering column wouldn't be the problem. Hope this helps.

We have 93 olds delta royale 88.We've tested the starterthe battery and alternator.still won't startWe are trying to locate the ignition switch but have no idea where it is or what it looks like?

the ignition swith is located on the steering must drop the steering colum to get to it. it is a rectangle box with wires coming from it.

What is the clunking noise coming from the steering column on a 2002 Tahoe?

the knuckle part and it has to be greased. you just need to a grease kit for it and take it to a shop if you can't do it yourself

What can be done to reduce the noise coming from the steering column of a 1995 Ford Windstar when turning?

i have heard that noise and I believe it is coming from the body frame connection and i also heard that u can get a kit to eliminate the noise. Ed

The service steering system light keeps coming on a 1997 cadillac?

You will need to have the codes checked for your steering system but most of the time the problem is a bad steering position sensor which is located at the bottom of the steering column on the inside of the car. I have seen defective YAW Rate sensors cause this problem but very very rare.