What color is the shamrock flower?

There is some debate as to what the true identity of the traditional shamrock is, but the most probable likelihood is that they were white or yellowish ( white or lesser clover). Some of the other plants suggested have pink ( red clover, and Oxalis sometimes), or white or purplish flowers ( Oxalis).

There is no debate that the plant known as 'Shamrock' is Oxalis Regnellii (common name - Wood Sorrell). It has a small white or slightly yellow flower and is not the same as Clover although both plants are related. The Shamrock leaf is considerably smaller than Clover and the plant grows outwards rather than upwards. It does not have a marking on the leaf that you will find on Clover leaves. Shamrock flowers are never red or pink. Shamrock can be grown indoors or outdoors and has some resistance to light frost. It's leaves open and close quite dramatically in relation to light - opening in sunshine and closing over if the light dims. The plant is not particular to Ireland although Ireland has a traditional, cultural and religious link to the displaying and wearing of Shamrock around St. Patrick's Day.