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nice blue and light green cloths

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Who is Miss Emily Roche?

Is an awesome person... she wear cute clothes!!

Wheat color to wear what color clothes look good?

for the summer you should wear pretty colors (:

What color clothes did Thomas Edison wear?

he didn't wear anything at all!

What color do Hindus wear on funerals?

Plain clothes

What color clothes do the bishops wear?

White Lol

What color clothes do badminton players wear?

preferably white..

What color clothes do Australia people wear?

red or yellow...... :#

What color clothes did Harriet Tubman wear?

Black and WHITE

Why do Hindu's wear bright colors?

Hindus wear bright safaron clothes as it is the color of the hindus.

What color of clothes did the Indians wear?

brown/black or just brown.

What color clothes did the commander in chief wear?

Brown blue and yellow

What color clothes should you wear on Mother's Day if your mom is deceased?

Either black or her favorite color. If she died of breast cancer, wear the ribbon.

What color clothes did colonial men wear?

they wore tacky brown leather

What color clothes does Rachel Carson wear?

a skirt with a tucked in tee shirt

What color clothes do people wear to church on palm Sunday?

black and yellow

What color of clothes should be wear during hot summer days?


What color did Emily Dickinson always wear?

Red She wore White not red after her fathers death

Why you wear light color clothes in summer?

In summer we wear light colour clothes becoz light colours absorb more light than dark colour

What colors should you wear to work on Valentine's Day?

Red is the color of Love...So I think it is good to wear red color clothes on Valentines Day.

What color clothes do Taylor Swift where?

She wears every colour, but her favorite colour is white. What colour clothes do you wear? Black? -.-

What does Que color y ropa te gusta llevar mean?

It means, "What color and clothes do you like to wear?"

What color clothes do people wear on Saint Patrick's Day?

They wear something green, but your whole outfit doesn't have to be green.

Why do elves wear green clothes and not red?

because red is the color of Santa's suit

What color clothes should you wear on Mother's Day if your mom is alive?

pink, blue or yellow or your mom's favorite color.

What color clothes does Selena Gomez like to wear?

i think Selena likes to wear brght,darkand dull coloured clothes. frocks suits her most along with legins etc....