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Q: What color orange is Jon and Kate's interview room?
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What color is Ariana Grande's room?

In an interview, she said that the color of her room is light blue or a pastel color.

What is the wall color on kate plus eight interview room?


Which color duvet is best for a orange room?

A white duvet color would look best for any sort of oranged themed room.

What is Ronald Weasley's favourite colour?

It is unknown, the only thing we know is that he hates maroon. It could possibly be Orange as Harry noted that Ron's room was a "violent shade of Orange", the same color of his favorite Quidditch team.

The Masque of the Red Death room colors?

Blue, purple, green, orange, white, violet, black. In the first six rooms the color of the window pane matches the color of the room. In the seventh room however they are 'scarlet, a deep blood color'.

What color goes with salmon pink?

It generally depends on for what but usually an orange or light brown

What backsplash fits a orange kitchen best?

This is best answered by your taste preference. It is certain to add flare to your room. Stick with similar color palete and you will just fine. More idea at

What color is better for a bedroom limegreen yellow or orange?

lime green it can go with alot more colours than the rest of the colours that you have put down .. and then reason i no this is because my friend has a yellow room and i have a green room lime green and well orange what can go with orange i think manly red and something lol :D i hope this will help you

What is the state of matter for krpton at room temperature?

Krypton. It's a gas. You mostly experience it in "neon" signs, where it provides the orange-red color.

What wall color would look good with metal and birch furniture and red orange bedding in a teenage boys room?

black and white

Studies on exit interview?

If you mean - how to exit an interview room - you should be self-confident.

What are the release dates for Interview Room 3 - 2012?

Interview Room 3 - 2012 was released on: USA: 2 March 2012 (DVD premiere)

Does Paris Jackson have her own room?

Yes she does. Oprah did an interview and she showed her around her room.

What are four sentences for the word orange?

Jails often use orange jumpsuits.In Ohio, "orange barrel season" means there is road construction. Hunters in the US wear orange vests, jackets, and hats. Orange is the color for caution.

How do you say orange room in French?

la pièce orange

What are 4 colors in an analogus color scheme?

There are many analogous color schemes with four colors. Any color scheme where all of the colors are in the same space on a color wheel is analogous. These color schemes unify a room, outfit, or art piece because they are made of the same pigments.A simple way to make an analogous color scheme is to start with a primary color and a secondary color, and then choose two colors between them. For example:Blue, Blue-green, Green-blue, Green.Red, Red-Orange, Orange-red, Orange.Yellow, Yellow-Green, Green-Yellow, Green.

You are 15 years old and you want to paint your room but you are not exactly sure what color you should paint it you like bright colors but not too bright your favorite colors are pink and orange HELP?

I don't recomend orange for a room, but a light pink would look nice in a room, especially if you are going for a cozy feel to the room. If the room is well lit by natural light you can go for a darker tone, but if it does not get much natural light then a lighter tone would be better. How about purple. Its not too light and its not too dark.

What color curtains would go with aqua-ish light blue colored walls?

I would use white or cream colored drapes. It will soften the room, and allow the aqua color of the walls to be the main focus. Then I would use a second color like yellow or orange to use in the accessories.

What is the Samoan translation of the English word interview room?

potu fa'atalanoa

What oil painting is in the interview room at Fox News?

pony carousel

If teacher is peeling an orange at the front of the classroom where in the room are the molecules from the orange least concentrated?

In the back row of students

How do you beat escape the orange room?


What color should be paint in bedroom?

Bedrooms should be painted in warm, pastel colours. Shades of orange, red & green have calming effects. Blue will make the room seem cold.

What light makes a lemon the color yellow?

Well there is no light making a lemon yellow it is just that the strongest citrus colors are yellow,orange and, green because they put a bright sensation to the room!

What is the layout of the seven rooms in the masque of the red death by Edgar Allan Poe?

Their are seven rooms, all had matching window colors. A blue room with vivid blue windows, a purple room with purple ornaments, tapestries, and panes, a green room with green casements, a furnished room lightened with orange, a white room, a violet room, and the last room was shrouded in black velvet tapestries on the ceiling and walls with windows of a deep blood color.