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darkish gray.

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Q: What color puppies will a gray and black blue nosies have?
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What color are the blue pit puppies?

blue?! dumbo

What color are chow chow puppies?

Chow chow puppies vary in color depending on the color of the parents. Red chow chows are born with brown coats, and "cinnamon" chow chows are often born with gray coats. Black, cream, and blue chow chows are born with black, cream, or blue coats, respectively.

Do black sprocker puppies change colour as they grow up?

It's a mutt.. there's no guarantee on color. Black "could" fade to a silver or blue.

What is roc royal favorite color?

His favorite colors are black and blue. Not black, blue, and red.

How does a blue whale communicate with other whales?

it makes nosies

What is blue and also black?

Blue is a prime color. Black is not a color, rather, it is a shade.

Are all husky puppies born with blue eyes?

Usually, all puppies look like they have blue eyes when they are born, Their is a lot of Siberian Husky puppies that have blue eyes and they keep their blue eyes. Siberian Husky puppies can also have party color eyes blue and brown or one blue and one brown.

Does border collie's fur change color?

yes. especially black and white poodle puppies may change to silver (sometimes blue) or cream, respectively.

What color is blue black and white?

Blue, black, and white.

What is max green's favorite color?

Black, black, black, black-never whiteGreen And Blue?

What is Sasuke favorite color?

black and blue

What color puppies would you get with a white female with a very small bit of brown on her head and a blue pit bull do i have a good chance of getting puppies similar blue puppies like the male?

it depends