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What color rabbit should you get and why?


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You do not need to judge a rabbit by its color. I did with my first rabbit and I ended up with a bunny that bit me and used me as a "restroom". Get a rabbit by its temperment. spend some time with the bunnies before you decide. the calmer the bunny, the more relaxed it is, the better.

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Brown and it needs to be a bigish rabbit with floppy ears.

Depends on the color of the rabbit

Whichever one strikes your fancy.

It can range from a creamy color to even a bright red color. It is only blood if the red is in little specks.

The average color of a rabbit is black.hopefully you found my info helpfull.pce.

You should name your rabbit depending on how it acts or looks. I named my rabbit Ginger, because its fur is the color of Ginger! My brother's rabbit is Peter, because it is mischievous like Peter Rabbit which is a famous story.

The Easter rabbit is white.

the months and days that go by which relates to the fur skin color on a rabbit

all rabbits are mammals so their warm blooded. Their fur color has nothing to do with the warmth of a rabbit.The fur color doesn't affect the warmth of a rabbit. Its blood does.

The volcano Rabbit actually has black eyes.

Thumper, the rabbit in Bambi, was grey and white.

The rabbits will be both colors. some the same color and some the other color all depends on which color is more dominant.

if you have an outdoor rabbit then you should bring the rabbit in if the temperature is really hot or cold

The male rabbit should never be housed with the female rabbit. He should never be introduced to her habitat. To breed she should be taken to his cage and removed after they are done breeding. The male rabbit should NOT be exposed to the kits.

well my rabbit was only 1 month when it had a little baby rabbit but it depends what type of rabbit it is. if it is a very large rabbit it should be at least 10 weeks to have one if it is a dwarf it will or should have a baby when it is around about 5 months but if it is a normal rabbit it should have one when it is one month. The above is impossible. A rabbit should be 6 months old or mature rabbit weight for it's breed before you even ATTEMPT to breed it.

if it a wild rabbit yes if bits a domestic rabbit no ,

Usually if it's a white rabbit, it would have a red eye, but if it was a brown one or black one, then the color would be black or darkish brown

there are many ways of telling the breed of a rabbit here are a few the color of the fur the lenght of the ears size eye color and markings ~Agashe

of course yes! Although the rabbit will run away!

Only if its easy to look after 1 rabbit

rabbit spray is naturally a cross between yellow and orange but if rabbit is ill it can look a little like blood with a tint of orange.

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