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What color represents which nation on the Olympic symbol?

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Why are linked rings an Olympic symbol?

The linked rings are the olympic symbol because each color of ring represents a color o country must have to participate in the Olympics. The colors are blue, black, yellow, red,& green

What does the color represent on the Olympic symbol?

There are three olympic values they are:freindshiprespectexcellenceThe blue ring represents for:participationThe yellow ring represents for:competitionThe black ring represents for:excellenceThe green ring represents for:unityThe red ring represents for:hopeI hope I helped you :)

What is the shape of the Olympic games symbols?

the symbol of the olympic games is comprised of colored intertwined rings each color represents a country that participates in the olympic games. Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Australia

Which color of the Olympic rings represents Asia?

red green

What color represents mother?

I think blue. Blue is the color that represents mother and wife on "The universal family flag" and "The universal symbol for family". The mother is blue because she represents truth and life on the flag and symbol.

What does the colour blue mean in the Olympic rings?

The colors of the Olympic rings represent the colors any nation may have on its flag with no exceptions. So the color blue represents the blue in any national flag, such as Greek, French, Swedish and so on.

What color is the symbol that represents a person who does not show a trait?

black jackass

What color represents war?

Joke: Why was the boy sad? Because he had a frog stapled to his forehead.

What continent does each color stand for on the Olympic symbol?

The Olympic Rings are the one symbol that is now synonymous with the Olympic Games. Designed in 1913 by Pierre de Coubertin, they symbolize the five continents of Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania. No one colour represents any one continent. However, the colours are significant in that every country who is part of the Olympic Family has one of these colours, including the white background, in their national flag. socrazy .

Rings on the olympic flag?

There are five rings in the olympic flag having each color on each ring.Each represents a country and all of them coming together.

What does the color gold represent for Latin Kings?

To the Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation, the color gold represents royalty.

Why are the 2012 olympic ribbons purple?

The color purple represents royalty and it also commemorates the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

What color represents laughter?

The color that represents laughter is the color yellow. The color red represents love and the color black typically represents death.

Which color ring represents the US?

If this question correlates to the rings in the olympic flag then the answer is that no ring represents the US. The rings represents continents rather than countries. The american continents are represented by the red ring.

What continent does each color of the Olympic ring stand for?

The colors represent the colors that can be found in the flags of nations that participate in the Olympics. No one color represents a continent.

What color represents money?


What colors represent fatherhood?

The universal color for father is Green. The universal number for father is one. The color represent the father because the color that also represents faith and faithfulness. Green is also the color that represents the faithful and diligent farmer. All these symbols representing the color of the father are fitting symbol of the father.

What color represents stress?

the color that represents stress is brown

What color represents to be organised?

the color that represents to be organised is white

What color represents knowledge?

The Orange Color represents the knowledge.

What does Green Lantern symbol mean?

The Green Lantern symbol is a simplified depiction of the green lantern core. The symbol and color represents will power. Green lanterns power derives from the amount of will power they are able to muster

What color represents democrats?

Pink. That's the color that represents their party.

What color and how many rings are in the Olympic symbol?

5 rings and I think all of the colours that are in all flags are included in the rings colours

What does the colors on the cambodian flag mean?

The blue color symbolizes the country's royalty. The red represents the nation and the white represents the religion, beginning with Brahmanism, and the current major religion - Buddhism. The emblem of the temple represents the structure of the universe.

What does the color turquoise represent?

The color turquoise represents communication, initiative and having self awareness. It is a symbol for a line of communication that occurs somewhere between the heart and the spoken word.