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A black dress give you a range what to choose. Wear same color shoes as your stockings, unless your shoes are black.

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What color stockings with silver dress and silver heels?

Black. Sounds dressy so wear black stockings.

What should women wear to a funeral?

A black dress with black stockings, and black shoes. ...black

What color stockings to wear with red shoes and black dress?

If you've decided to wear a black dress with red shoes, you want the focus to be on the red. You don't want to clash in your outfit, so you should wear nude/neutral toned stockings. If you wantto be whimsical and you aren't attending a black-tie event, you could wear mustard or plum tones stockings or black textured stockings.

What color stockings with cocktail dress?

Almost black, slight pattern and not too sheer, but NOT opacqe

What color stockings do you wear with a black dress and black shoes?

Depening on the color of your skin, I'll go with the color that matches your skin. So you won't be too over dressed.

Can you wear black stockings with red shoes?

can you wear red evening shoes with black stockings and a black dress

What color jewelry to wear with a black dress and black shoes?

you should wear your favorit color or a color that matches the occasion.

What color stockings should you wear with a gray dress?

Pink blue or green. All of them a lighter/brighter shade

What color stockings with a navy gown?

color hose with navy dress & silver shoes

What color stocking to wear with a white dress?

If it is spring or Easter, white stockings look nice. Or, wear stockings that match your skin color.

What goes nice with black stockings?

Heels & a darker colored dress.

How long does a dress have to be to be considered a formal dress?

A dress should be below the knee to be considered formal. Also, the dress should be a solid color such as navy blue, black, tan or brown.

What color shoes do you wear with a black and white dress?

The best color for black white dress is white dress shoes or black dress sandals. And I recommended you see these shoes in the link below.

Can you wear a black dress with black nylons?

I always wear black nylons with a black dress in the evenings.. Absolutely you can. Perhaps go for an "off black" or "sheer black" color in the nylons. Pair that with pretty pumps or strappy sandals and you will look fantastic. You really should wear nylons with a black dress, even if the nylons are a different color.

Do all moms wear black stockings?

No, not all mothers or all women wear black stockings. Some women will wear them if they are wearing a black skirt or dress and others won't.

What color is this dress White and gold or black and blue?

The dress was confirmed to be blue and black

Can you wear blush shoes with black dress?

Yes. Black goes with everything. It helps to repeat the color (blush) somewhere else in your outfit, such as with a matching hair accessory or earrings, purse, stockings,etc.

What color were the Wicked Witch of the West's stockings?

We don't know what the color was of the Wicked Witch of the West's stockings. There was no information given, either by text or by illustrations, in the original 1900 book edition of 'The Wizard of Oz'. Nor was such information part of the beloved 1939 film version.But the color could be guessed from the stockings that the Wicked Witch of the East wore in the movie. Her stockings were black and white striped. The two witches wore the same color and type of dress and hat, and rode the same color and type of broom. So they might be assumed to wear the same color and kind of stockings.

What color stockings with blue cobolt dress?

what colour pantyhouse to wear with cobalt blue pants

Should you wear stockings with a cocktail dress?

God no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, for the sake of me and all my friends at gucci, prada and D&B, DONT WEAR STOCKINGS WITH A COCKTAIL DRESS!!!!!! Thnx!

Besides black, what color of dress should I purchase so that I can look slimmer?

A dress that is not to tight, and accuentiates your curves will make you look your best.

What color shoes should you wear with a blue dress?

white, black, green or blue are probably the most popular choices. however whatever color you tie in with the dress will be good for choose.

What color shoe should you put on your 3 year old she is weraing a silver dress?

If she is wearing a silver dress then she should wear black or white pare af ahoes!

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