What color tie should one wear to a job interview?

One thing you can try if you have time before the interview date is to go to the place of business and look at the people as they come to or leave work and see what they are wearing. Different businesses have different cultures and what is OK at one place may be frowned on at another. If you can't do that, pick a tie that doesn't stand out like a neon sign.


Excellent answer above - scope out the business first. I once wore a very conservative suit and tie to an interview at a business with a very casual atmosphere, it made me look like I wouldn't fit in. If you can't get there, call the business and ask the receptionist for a tip! It also depends on the type of position you are applying for - a supervisory job might call for a tie with some power color in it (such as red); a creative position might warrant a fanciful, but not loud tie.

Definitely wear something that compliments the profession you are interviewing for. I google pictures of ties to get ideas.