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Q: What color was President Warren G. Harding's hair?
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What color is Sarah hardings from girls aloud hair color?

i think its brown

What color was mercy Otis warren's hair?


What color was Warren G. Harding's hair?


What color hair does president Lincoln's have?

President Lincoln's hair was black.

What was President George Washingtons hair color?


What is president George H W Bush's hair color?

His hair's colour is gray!

What color were former president Abraham Lincoln's hair?


Did president Lincoln color his hair dark?

No there was no such hair dyes in the 19th century. Lincoln had naturally dark hair.

President Lyndon B. Johnson Hair color?

brown brown

What color was president Zachary Taylors eyes and hair?

eyes: light green hair: black/grayish

What president was the first red head?

Thomas Jefferson had reddish hair which was losing its color when he became President.

Has there ever been a US president with ginger hair?

No, not the color of ginger; but some sources say that Thomas Jefferson had red hair.

What color is jonghyun's hair color?

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he dragged him to the toilet and showed him his ___ (you know what that is)

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President Obama's mother died several years ago.

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The common hair color amongst presidents is a dark brown to black in their younger years. It is notable to mention that near the end of each president's term white hair is common.

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"What colour is your hair?" is correct.

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They are more or less interchangeable, hair color is a broader term though as it can sometimes refer to hair lighteners like bleach, as well as hair dyes. So hair dye is a type of hair color. Hair color is anything that changes the color of your hair. Hair dye deposits color into your hair.

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Blonde is their hair color.

What color is Sally rides hair?

What is the color hair do you have?

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Her hair color is brown.

What did mercy Otis warren look like?

She had dark brown hair and her favorite color was blue, she loved wearing dresses and bonnets with lace edges.

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Hair color is a product that can be purchased in many retail stores. When applied, hair color will change the appearance of your current hair color.

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who ever dies their hair that color or that is born with that color hair

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James Buchanan had grey hair and was considered to be a tall man. James Buchanan was the 15th President of the United States.