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uniforms are gray and blue,red and blue

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Q: What colors are uniforms for school students?
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Why do they have school uniforms?

We have school uniforms so the teachers know which students are theirs.

Why would the school loose students with school uniforms?


How many people do not like uniforms?

about all the students that were uniforms for their school's

Can you have students designs there school uniforms?

yes .

Do students prefer school uniforms?

Many do.

Why we shouldn't wear school uniforms?

Many students fell that they shouldn't wear school uniforms due to the style of the uniforms. Students have a need to express their individual style and wearing uniforms can inhibit their individuality.

Do school uniforms help students?

yes, school uniforms do help students. i myself am a student that goes to a school where you have to wear uniforms and it helps with the teasing and some of the drama. if you wear uniforms, you dont have to worry about a child being teased for their clothes.(:

What percent of stundents say school uniforms are uncreative?

84% of students say that school uniforms are uncreative.

Tell me a paragraph about why students should wear school uniforms?

Students should be made to wear school uniforms for a few different reason. Every school should have uniforms so that all students are wearing the same thing and can be bullied for that they wear.

What is the definition of school uniforms?

School uniforms are prescribed clothing which all students attending a particular school must wear.

Do Thai students wear uniforms to school?


Do students in panama wear school uniforms?


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