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The Apple iPhone 4S only comes in two colors, white and black. However, there are many cases available to buy for the iPhone 4S, which come in numerous colors.

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Apple makes the iPhone and it is available from AT&T

There is the Apple icloud available for the iPhone. It is a cloud storage service.

There is a BNSF emulator available for the iPhone. You can find information about this on the Apple website and inside any store that sells Apple such as best buy.

In a iphone 3gs it is only available in 8 gb

Apple stores and (I think) AT&T stores.

Apple iPhone 4 appears to be the most current model of iPhone available. As with all technology, iPhone 4 will be soon obsolete; check with your local Apple store for the newest phones and gadgets.

You can pre order on the 7th and I think they will be available on the 16th

The iPhone first became available on June 29, 2007 for $499 (4 GB)

Apple has an agreement with AT&T, so I seriously doubt Apple will ever switch.

It's available for all apple devices except macs. (yes, there is for Apple tv)

When the iPhone first launched it was unsure if it would be a success, so AT&T agreed to finance the project in exchange for a contact. Once the contract ended the popularity of the iPhone indicated that there was more profit to be gained through a nonexclusive deal.

Apple announced that the third-generation OS for the iPhone will be available on 17th June, 2009.

The iPhone 5c came out in 2013 and may or may not still be available from Apple in 2015.

Yes, I have the iPhone 4. A Highly popular brand of phone from Apple. It's available now through Verizon. First available with At&t.

Verizon just began supporting Apple iPhone 4 as of today but it is not available for purchase until February of 2011. There will only be one iPhone available for Verizon and that is the iPhone 4, until further notice.

The Apple iPhone 3G was released on July 11, 2008. The iPhone was released to twenty-two countries. There were models available in 8GB and 16GB. The iPhone 3G takes pictures, has games to play as well as social networking.

Vodafone has announced that it has signed a deal with Apple to sell the iPhone in Greece "later this year". See related link for full press release by Vodafone.

The iPhone is a product of Apple.

the qauntity of apple iphone is 5.6

Currently, Apple only sells the 3G iPhone in black or white ($199 with contract). There have been no announcements of other colors being made available from Apple, but companies such as Colorware offer custom painted iPhones for $300 extra. Moreover, the idea of a pink iPhone has seen a huge reaction from Apple followers, with numerous blogs asking when to expect such a phone, and even online petitions set up around the internet.

Apple has brought out iPhone because they want to.

Apple does not produce a mini iPhone.

According to the Best Electronics Guide the Apple iPod phone is one of the most popular smartphones. Some of the phones available from Apple are the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.

The first generation iPhone was released on June 29, 2007. Apple sold 6.1 million of the original iPhones. It has been considered completely obsolete in Apple retail stores and no longer receives software updates and will not be serviced by Apple.

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