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What colors were the us army in world war 2?

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kaki and olive drab

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What was the US army called during world war 1?

us army

How many US Army Soldiers served in the Army in World War 2?


What was the formal name for the US army in World War 1?

The United States Army.

Why did the US Stay out of World War 2 for so long?

They had an army the size of Portugal and Japan had the biggest army in the world

Was the US army was integrated for the first time during World War 2?

No, after World War 2, before the Korean War

In World War ll the commander of the third us army?


Was the us air force in World War 2?

It was the ARMY Aircore.

Who was the chief of the us army during world war 2?


What was the code name for the US Army in World War 2?


What are the official US army colors?

The official colors are Black and Gold.

What is the history of the US fourth Army in World War 2?

There were eleven "field armies" in the US Army during WWII. Of these two, the Second US Army and the Fourth US Army, remained in the continental US throughout the war, functioning as training commands. Additionally the 4th US Army was responsible for defending the west coast of the US against attack.

What were women in the US army during World War 2 called?

WAC (womens army corps)

Where were the doctors of world war 2?

In the US Army Medical Corps, or the US Navy equivalents.

Looking for a Robert waddell listed with the US army in world war 1?


How many men were their in the US army in World War 1?

There was about a billion soilders

Who was the general of the us army during world war 2?

Dwight Eisenhower

The military branch of audie Murphy in World War 2?

US Army

Who was the US World War 2 commander of the 9th army?

Robert Eichelberger

Who was theCommander of the US army in World War 1?

General John Pershing

Did Germans serve in the US army during World War 2?


What was the type the US Army use in its typewriters in World War 2?


Where did the us army land in Europe during world war 2?


How did the United states raise an army for the war?

The US raised an army during World War 1 by installing the draft. The US also opened recruiting offices in major cities.

What was the first US Army war in history?

The first war that involved the US Army was the war of 1812. The Continental Army fought against Britain in the Revolutionary War.

Why did the US army attack Hiroshima with the first atomic bomb during world war 2?

the US army attacked Hiroshima because the US wasn't in world war 2 until japan attacked pearl harbor so the US decided to strike back

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