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Q: What colour do you get if you add green to red?
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When you add green blue red what colour does it make?


What do you add to green to get red?

Red is a base colour. You cannot mix it from other colours.

What colour do you add to green to make red?

Red. You can't make a pimary color out of a secondary color.

How can you make tertiary color?

Tertiary colours are the six colours on a colour wheel between a primary colour and a secondary colour. They are: Yellow-orange, red-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green, and yellow green. To make any tertiary colour add one part of a secondary colour (green, purple or orange) and one part of one of the two primary colours that make it. For example, to make red-orange add one part red to one part orange.

What colour do you add to green to get silver-grey?

If you are using a phthalo green (blue green) you can add a cadmium red plus white. For details on ratios to get the gray, use the related link below

What color do you add to green to get blue?

you can't . blue is a primary colour and cannot be made with any colours. just like red and yellow it is a primary colour....... green is a secondary colour (you mix to primary colours together to get it ) just like purple and orange ... Correction: Yellow is not a primary color, it's RGB, Red, Green and Blue... Yellow is made by mixing Red and Green...

What two colors to mix to make browm?

The mixture of any secondary colour and the primary colour that is not part of it will result in a brown. For example: Add yellow to purple. Add red to green. Add blue to orange. You could also just add blue and red which makes purple but if its dark enough it might be able to produce a brown-ish colour. If its to purple then just add black to it.

What colour do you get if you subtract green from red?

You get the color you get if you subtract green from red

What colour plus what colour into brown?

Red and green

What causes MM's to be green and brown considering there aren't any green or brown colour additves in it?

For the green they add yellow and blue color aditives. For the brown they add red, blue, and yellow color aditives. Simple as that.

What colour makes red and green?

red+green=purple/almost brown :]

The green is in the blue but the red is in the red what am I?

You are a primary colour.