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What colour does orange and red make?

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If you mix 50% orange (255, 127, 0) and 50% red (255, 0, 0) you will get redish orange color (255, 64, 0). It can be called vermilion or orange-red.

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What colour you when you mix red and yellow?

Red and yellow mix to make orange.

What colour would you mix with red to make orange?

If you mix yellow with red, you can make orange.

What does red orange minus yellow make?

It makes red orange - That kind of colour !

What colour does red and orange make?

yellow Try again.... yellow is a primary colour you can not get a primary colour by mixing other colours for it. What you do get if you mix red (a primary) with orange (a secondary) is red-orange (a tertiary).

What colour does blue and orange and white make?


What colour does yellow and red make?

it makes orange

What colour does red and yellow make?

orange of course!

How do you make the colour orange?

you mix yellow and red !!!!

What colour do you make if you mix red orange?


What color if you combined red and orange?

The primary colour red added to the secondary colour orange (the result of mixing red and yellow) will result in the tertiary colour red-orange.

If you mix red and orange what color do you get?

if you mix the primary colour red, withe the secondary colour orange, you will get the tertiary colour red-orange.

What do the colors red and yellow make when mixed?

Red and yellow make the colour orange.

What colour do yellow and red make?

When you mix yellow and red together you will make orange.

What are the colour mixed to make orange?

Red and yellow gives us orange!

Can yellow and orange make red?

No yellow and orange can't make red. Red and yellow are primary colours. Orange is a secondary colour. I don't know why it is like that, but no, yellow and orange can't make red. Sorry.

How can you make tertiary color?

Tertiary colours are the six colours on a colour wheel between a primary colour and a secondary colour. They are: Yellow-orange, red-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green, and yellow green. To make any tertiary colour add one part of a secondary colour (green, purple or orange) and one part of one of the two primary colours that make it. For example, to make red-orange add one part red to one part orange.

Do yellow and orange make red?

No, it makes yellow orange colour. But orange and pink make it. Hope i helped :b

What colour does red and yellow make together?

Um, orange...

What colour is added to light yellow to make it orange?


What is the resultant color of red mixed with orange?

Red is a primary colour. Orange is a secondary colour made up of equal parts red and yellow. When you mix red & orange together you get the tertiary colour red-orange,

Does red and yellow make a secondary colour?

Yes. Red and yellow make orange which is a secondary color.

What colour does red yellow black make?

dark orange or brownish

What color do you get if mixing red plus orange?

One part red (a primary colour) plus one part orange (a secondary colour) will result in red- orange (a tertiary colour).

What colour do you get when mix red and yellow?

When red and yellow are mixed they make orange. You can make red orange if you use mostly red, and yellow orange if you use mostly yellow. If the colors are mixed half and half you will have the secondary color shade of orange.

What colors to make orange?

Orange is a secondary colour produced by mixing equal parts Yellow and Red.

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