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Water Spiders are a dark brown or a velvety grey in color.

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Q: What colour is a water spider?
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What spider can walk on water?

water spider

What colour is spider feces?

Its black specs

What colour are spider man's eyes?


What colour is a camel spider?

Go to this link below to see a picture of the camel spider.

What is the difference between a wingless insect and a spider?

their colour

What adaptations help a spider survive in a rainforest?

its colour

What is Spider-Man's favorite colour?


What is Spider-Mans eye and hair color?

His Eye Colour Is Hazel And His Hair Colour Is Brown

What type of spider has transparent eyes and has a body that is a yellow-green colour with stripes?

that would be a Argiope aka, writting spider, garden spider.

What are the shape and colour of a spider plant leaf?

they are geen and round

What is Spider-Mans favorite colour?

blue. by a.k

How big do spider ball pythons get?

They get the same size as a regular ball python, spider refers to their colour/pattern.

How do the words trapdoor wolf and water relate?

Spiders:trapdoor spiderwolf spiderwater spider

Do water spider bite?

Any spider can bite.

How many babies can a Water Spider have?

a water spider can have up to 30-50 babies

Where does water spider live?


Can a water spider bit?

Yes they can and if you get bitten by a water spider you can die in the next 3 seconds

What is the height of a water spider?

The average height of a full grown Water Spider is about 5-7mm.

Is a spider web water proof?

yes, spider webs are water proof. they can withstand the strongest of thunderstorms!!

What eats water spiders?

Mostly, obviously, bigger things then the spider itself eat the spider. The most common thing that eats a water spider is a fish.

Is a water spider an insect?


Is a water spider venomous?


Why do you think a diving spider surrounds itself with a bubble in the water?

The spider needs to breath air under water.

What animal eats water plants?

a water spider

How does a spider monkey find water?

they get water from the leaves