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What colour is grandpa simpsons t-shirt?


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his top=peach T-shirt=probably white == ==

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Dan Castellaneta does the voice of Grandpa Simpson.

Abe Simpson (also known as grandpa)

There are five members of the Simpsons family. There is Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. You also have Grandpa Simpson and Marge's two sisters Selma and Patty.

Homers father is most commonly referred to as "Grandpa" on the Simpsons. Nearly all of the Simpsons clan refers to him as this. His actual name is Abraham Simpson, or "Abe" for short.

well in the 5 of the simpsons yeah, but Abe Simpson (grandpa) is older obviously

i am not sure but i think it is greenish blue

His skin is yellow, as is the skin of most people in the Simpsons.

yellow because they had problems with the computer when he was making the characters.

his favourite colours are Green,Blue and purple

some skinny jeans torn and a sweaterthe jeans have to be light coloured and rippedthe sweater a darker colouror a plad shirt dark colourjeans and a tshirt

Light blue ^No, bluey-Green. Like teal or turquoise.

Homer: 34 or 35 Marge:34 Maggie:1 Lisa: 7 or 8 Bart: 10 Grandpa: Unknown

Level 1: retirement village Level 2: By Try and Save Telephone Booth

well you can google make your own tshirt and make one yourself.

You mean 'Scottish' for Grandpa ? The answer is Grandpa.

I don't think so. It involves copyright issues. You can print something more common on your tshirt, for example, natural scenery. That is to say, you can not put something related to names or personal images on your tshirt.

Yes, because the original name for a long sleeve shirt was a long sleeve tshirt, which make it a sub category of the overall tshirt category. Similar to a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square

Press grey, blue, yellow, red then green and it should open

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Bunic is a Romanian equivalent of 'Grandpa'.

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