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If it is a white sheep it will have white legs but if it is a brown or black sheep it will have brown or black legs


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No sheep are not colour blind. Sheep are able to perceive colours though their colour perception is not as developed as humans. Sheep will also react with fear to new colours.

The duration of The Sheep Has Five Legs is 1.73 hours.

The Sheep Has Five Legs was created on 1954-09-24.

They don't have short legs, their legs are the same height as any other type of sheep. They just seem short.

a sheep it looks like it has legs but it doesn't .

Some sheep are black because of their breed characteristic, the colour pigments in the wool determines what colour the hair will be.

A ewe is a female sheep, they have four legs.

"Four legs good, two legs bad" is a slogan used by animals such as sheep in George Orwell Animal Farm. The "two legs" in the slogan refers to the humans.

it might kill the sheep and you could eat sheep, now that you mention it i wonder what sheep taste like.

What colour are the macaws legs

On both legs and arms.

Dall sheep are white in colour and generally do not have any markings.

Sheep are ruminants, they eat pasture so are herbivores. They have four legs and are useful in providing meat and wool.

Four. Mutton is another name for sheep meat.

To cape a bighorn sheep, start at the feet and start skinning up the legs leaving the hooves attached at the ankles. Insert a pole to hang sheep on by its feet after removing the skin from the legs. Carefully skin up the rest of the sheep.

A whitish grey colour.

A Suffolk Sheep is a large breed of sheep primarily bred for meat. The Suffolk sheep has a black face, black legs and a white medium fleece.

No or otherwise they would fall over.

sheep have white wool they are an animal they have four legs there hole body is white

Not usually as their legs are too short.

Sheep that are processed before the joints in their legs ossify produce meat referred to as "lamb," while older sheep produce mutton.

Dye can be used with regular (white) Wool to create coloured wool. It can also be used on sheep, to dye them that colour. Whenever you shear that sheep, you will get that colour of wool.

On 4 legs? Like most other animals.

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