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Vincent Van Gogh often times used complimentary, or opposite, color schemes to create more vibrancy and movement in the paintings.

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Who were Vincent van Gogh parents?

Vincent Van Gogh dad was actually Theodorus Van gogh.

What was Vincent Van Gogh's brother's name?

He has four, Theo Van Gogh, William Van Gogh, Cornelius Van Gogh, and Vincent van gogh (1st) . Vincent (1st) died at birth.

Does Vincent van Gogh have a family?

Yes, Vincent van gogh does have a family.

What is the birth name of Vincent van Gogh?

Vincent van Gogh's birth name is Vincent Willem van Gogh.

Where Vincent van Gogh born?

Vincent Van Gogh was born in Zundert, Netherlands.

What religion was Vincent van gogh?

Vincent Van Gogh was dutch born in 1853

Who many siblings did Vincent Van Gogh have?

Vincent Van Gogh had 5 siblings

Is Vincent Van Gogh an impressionist?

Vincent van Gogh is awesome end of story!

Who is the brother of Vincent van gogh?

Vincent van Gogh had three brothers: Vincent Willem van Gogh, who died after birth, and two younger brothers Theo and Cor van Gogh. Theo was an art dealer.

When was Vincent van Gogh born?

Vincent van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853.

What period is Vincent van gogh from?

Vincent Van Gogh belonged to the post-impressionistic period!

When was Copies by Vincent van Gogh created?

Copies by Vincent van Gogh was created in 1889.

When was The Passion of Vincent van Gogh created?

The Passion of Vincent van Gogh was created in 1984.

When did Death of Vincent van Gogh die?

Death of Vincent van Gogh died in 1890.

Did Vincent Van Gogh make sculptures?

His Uncle, also known as Vincent Van Gogh (1729-1802) was a sculptor. Vincent Wilhelm Van Gogh, the famous painter, did not sculpt.

What was Vincent Van Gogh's name?

vincent van gogh

Where and in what year was Vincent Van Gogh born?

Vincent van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853

Where did Vincent van Gogh come from?

He was Dutch, from southern Holland. Vincent van Gogh was born in the Netherlands.

Did Vincent Van Gogh win any awards?

no Vincent van Gogh did not win any awards.

What did Vincent van Gogh do for a living?

Vincent van Gogh was a painter. But he depended on his brother to give him money.

Which gallery has the most Vincent van Gogh paintings?

The Vincent van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Holland.

Was Vincent van Gogh a drawer?

Yes,Vincent Van Gogh was aDutch Post- Impressionist painter.

Did starry night made Vincent van Gogh?

Vincent Van Gogh made Starry Night

Who was Vincent van Gogh have children?

vincent van gogh was never in a relationship, never married, and had no children

Did Pablo Picasso or Vincent Van Gogh did not sell a painting until he died?

Vincent Van Gogh