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precipitation comes after condensation

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Q: What comes after condensation in the water cycle?
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When does the water cycle begin?

The water cycle comes from Condensation ,Evaporation, and Precipitation

What comes after evaporation in the water cycle?

Condensation follows evaporation in the hydrologic cycle, then water storage in the atmosphere.

Condensation water cycle definition?

The cooling of water vapor in the atmosphere is known as condensation. It then comes to earth in the form of precipitation.

What comes before precipitation in the water cycle?

Condensation comes before precipitation. Water vapors condense to water droplets.

Is condensation part of the water cycle?

yes it is condensation or rain are part of the water cycle.

What comes first in the water cycle evaporation condensation or precipitation?

Evaporation is the first step. After it condensation, precipitation takes place.

What happens during condensation in a water cycle?

In the water cycle, condensation, is where water vapor cools, and forms into water droplets. water cycle

What does condensation from the water cycle form?

The last answer was just illogical. Condensation is water droplets in the water cycle.

What does condensation have to do with the water cycle?

Condensation converts gas back to water. It is 2nd step of water cycle.

What is condensation in the water cycle?

condensation is a build up of water

What is condensation water cycle?

Condensation is the water inside of your water bottle.

What is condensation in a water cycle?

Condensation in the water cycle because the water that was evaporated is changing back into a liquid form.

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