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after the yellow belt comes the orange belt then blue then brown then black

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Q: What comes after the yellow belt?
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What grade is a junior yellow belt?

Yellow comes after the white belt. It is 2nd

Which belt comes after white belt in karate?


What comes after a white belt in recorders?


What karate belt comes after white?

Generally yellow. In some schools, however, some students start when they are very young, so if they master some of the skills needed, but not all of them, they will get a white belt with a yellow stripe, and then a yellow belt with a white stripe before going to the full yellow belt.

What comes after a white belt?

Depends on your style and school. It could be a white with black stripe, it could be white with a yellow or orange stripe, it could be a yellow or orange belt.

What is the next belt after yellow?

That will depend on the style and the specific school. In general, green comes after yellow, but there can be all sorts of orders, with stripes in part of it.

What is the belt after yellow on recorder karate?

The belt after yellow belt on recorder karate is the orange belt. The song of yellow belt is Gently Sleep and the song on orange belt is Merrily We Roll Along.

How do you get a yellow belt in taekwondo?

After you pass your yellow belt test of course!

How do you get your yellow belt on Club Penguin?

You have to have your white belt and beat up to 5-7 penguins. Then you get your yellow belt.

What mixs martial arts belt comes after white belt?

The Yellow belt after the white belt. It is the 2nd position of martial art skill, and the coloring represents the sunlight warming the seed. The warmth of the sun strengthens the seed and gives it new life, representing a student’s capability to admit the original knowledge from their educator with an open mind.

In Karate which comes first a yellow belt or a white belt?

White is always first. The one consistent part of the belt sequence between all of the schools and martial arts is they start with white and end with black.

What is a judo yellow belt called?

If your a junior: Yellow belt + 1 stripe = 4th mon Yellow belt + 2 stripes = 5th mon Yellow belt + 3 stripes = 6th mon If your a senior it's called a 5th kyu :)

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