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Detective Comics. I believe it was issue number 27.

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Which was the first villain to appear in a batman comic book?

'Doctor Death' is the first super villain to appear in a Batman comic : Detective Comics # 29 .

In which edition of the Batman comic did the Joker first appear?

In the original edition of the Batman comic, the very first book ever released contained the Joker. The Joker was the first villain that Batman ever defeated.

What year did batman appear in comic books?

Batman first appeared in Detective Comics in May of 1939.

When did Batman appear on newsstands?

In May of 1939, the first Batman comic book(Detective comics #27) was released.

When did batman first appear in a comic book?

He first appeared in "Detective Comics (vol. 1) #27" in year 1939.

What was the first Batman comic called?

Cave of batman

When was the first Batman comic?


Did Batman ever appear as a Green Lantern?

Yes. Batman became a Green Lantern in the Elseworlds' comic "Batman: In Darkest Knight."

What comic did Batman first apper in?

Batman first appeared in Detective # 27 in 1939.

Who first drew Batman comics?

bob cane the creator of batman did the cover art for the first batman comic

What year did batman comic books come out?

Batman first appeared in a comic book in May of 1939 in Detective Comics #27. The comic book series Batmanstarted in May of 1940.

Did batman appear in movies before comic books?

No because he was made as a comic character and when it was good enough they made a movie

How much is the first batman comic worth?

I own the original DC Batman comic book #9 from 1940, how much is it worth?

In what year did batman appear in comic book?

Detective Comics #27 in May 1939.

Is the first Superman comic the rarest comic in the world?

that or batman one, or spiderman one.

When were the first Batman comics released?

The comic book for batman was first published in 1939 under Detective Comics number twenty seven. It is first appearance in this series. The Batman comic series has been popular ever sense.

What year was batman first published?

i think the first comic was in 1937

When was the Batman comic first created?

Batman was created by Bob Cane in 1939. hope this helps.

What year did the original Batman come out?

Batman- as a comic book character, began in 1939. The first Batman movie was 1989.

What year was Batman invented?

I think the first comic was in 1948

Who is the creator of the comic icon Batman?

Batman was conceived and created by the comic-book artist Bob Kane and first appeared in stories written by Bill Finger.

What is the ISBN of Batman comic book?

The ISBN of Batman - comic book - is 156389050X.

What year did the Batman comic book come out?

The comic book named "Batman" first came out in 1940, however that wasn't Batman's first appearance. His first appearance was in Detective Comics #27 which was published in 1937

Which comic book series first introduced Batman?

Detective Comics .

How much is BatMan Dark Knight comic?

the batman dark night comic is over 10000 dollars