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A&E Commercial

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2013-02-21 06:20:59
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Q: What commercial was the song destiny by zero 7 used in?
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What song was used in the Smallville commercial?

Save me by remy zero

What movie was the song 'destiny' by zero 7 used in?

Blue Crush the surfer movie

Who sings the song destiny?

zero 7

Is a Namie Amuro song used for the Coke Zero commercial?


What is the name of the song in the MTV commercial a while back where the guy rides his bike to the girls house and throws a rock at her window and its night time?

"destiny" by zero 7.

What song was used in the Smallville commercial on the ABC Family Channel a couple of years ago?

I believe the song you are referring to is the same as the theme song and that would be "Save ME", by Remy Zero.

What is the song in the astro zero yogurt commercial?

im not sure but did it have lalalalalalalalalaaa in it?

What is the song on the adizero rush commercial?

The song is called Zero by Honor Roll MusicTrack from the new ADIDAS AdiZero commercial.www.honorrollmusic.comView the commercial:

What is the theme song of the sprite zero sugar commercial inside the train?

sound rangers-golden over

Where is there a video for the MTV commercial with a boy throwing rocks at a girls window featuring Destiny by Zero 7?

Here's the link:

Where can one purchase zero 7 destiny?

Music from the album Simple Things especially the song Destiny can be purchased at a variety of online stores. One of those stores is iTunes, another is Amazon. The CD can also be purchased at any major record store.

What instruments were used in the song Zero Gravity by David Archuleta?

Great Highland Whistle.

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