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There are many firms in California that offer supplemental Medicare insurance. These include but are not limited to Blue Cross of California, Family Life Insurance Company, Genworth Life Insurance Company, Oxford Life Insurance Company and United American Insurance Company.

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Q: What companies offer Medicare supplements?
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Will medicare pay for a matress that is ordered by a doctor?

I need an adjustable air mattress what companies offer a mattress covered by medicare

Do you have to have Medicare Part B if you have a medicare supplemental plan?

Yes; by definition, Medicare supplemental insurance "supplements" Medicare A & B.

Are Medicare supplement plans available?

Medicare supplements are private insurance plans.

Which insurance companies sell the most medicare supplements?

I would say maybe United HealthCare and Mutual of Omaha are the two biggest currently.

What companies offer health insurance in the US?

There are various companies in the United States that offer health insurance. Some of these include; Benicorp, Aetna, CHIP, AXA, Medicaid and Medicare.

Is Blue Cross and Blue shield who you would call to get additional coverage to Medicare Parts a and b?

Several insurance companies offer Medicare supplement plans.

What companies offer supplemental Medicare health insurance?

There are many agents that offer supplemental Medicare health insurance. They vary state by state. Some are Cobra Health Plans, Humana, Longevity Supplemental, and

Which companies offer the best medicare plans?

Medicare is for retired people. As you are not retired you should use your company's health insurance, as you will get a discount on the coverage through your employer's contributions.

Will supplemental insurance pay for auto claims that medicare doesn't?

If you are speaking of automobile claims, Medicare and Medicare supplements are not related to automobile claims. Automobile insurance should pay the claims related to the vehicle, especially if you were injured. Medicare and Medicare supplements pay hospital and medical bills related to your healthcare.

What companies offer health insurance for seniors?

there are several companies online that offer health insurance for seniors, although some private below i have listed a few, Medicare Advantage, Medigap and Mediacare Part D*

What are some insurance companies that offer medigap or cover the gaps in medicare plans in Washington state?

MediGap supplements are available throughout Washington. Some insurances that include MediGap are: Regence BlueShield, Premera Blue Cross, KPS Health Plans, and Asuris Health Northwest.

Can you order wholesale supplements from GNC?

GNC is the largest retailer of vitamins and supplements in the US. They do offer wholesale products, and you should contact one of the companies sales representatives for more options.

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