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There are a lot of companies that will pay for you to go to school, mostly larger companies. Independence Blue Cross will pay for any degree you want, Aetna will reimburse most of your tuition as well. Typically companies will pay for your career advancement considering you're already in an accounting position. There are also companies like Aetna and IBC that just want their employees to get an education. You may have to agree to stay with them for a certain amount of time after, but it's worth it in the end.

Look for a larger company and review their website on what they offer their employees. Government jobs also pay for you to go back to school and get a degree. So look for a job with the city, state or a Federal position.

AnswerYou have it backwards.

Companies will not pay YOU to go to college, they HIRE those that are all ready qualified as Accountants. Those people went to school and got their qualifications first, then went out and found a job.

Start saving up for the cost of that accounting course, and also the cost of living while at college. Most accounting courses are two years long.

AnswerIn the US most accountants have a 4-year degree, plus a CPA certification. You can work in bookkeeping or the accounting department of a company while going to school at night. A few US companies will reimburse you for 1-4 classes per year if you're grades are good, but virtually none will pay for schooling.
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Q: What companies will pay for college if you want to be an accountant?
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