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H&D Folsom Arms

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Q: What company made the Daniel Boone shotgun?
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What is a Daniel Boone shotgun?

Daniel Boone Gun Company was a trade name used by the Belknap Hardware Company of Louisville, Kentucky on firearms they retailed, 1900-1935. They were made by a variety of manufacturers.

What made Daniel boone famous?

Daniel Boone is famous for the exploration of Kentucky.

What did Daniel Boone do for Tennessee?

made wildness road

How did Daniel Boone dress and what was the clothes made of?

His cloths were made out of Buck Skin(:

What are some accomplishments Daniel Boone made?

he was a blacksmith and fighted in wars

Why did Daniel Boone build settlements in Kentucky?

He made the settlement for the betterment of majority.

When did Daniel Boone make the wilderness trail?

HE made it when he went trough the moutions with friends and family

Who was Daniel Boone and what did he create?

He made the fist mcdonalds wich was called taco bell back then

Where did Daniel Boone make a narrow road?

Damniel boon made the narrow road down the street

What is the value of a 16 gauge Daniel Boone shotgun?

I also have a Daniel Boone shotgun, 12 guage. Do you know who made this gun? I need to replace the stock. Daniel Boone Gun Company: Trade name used by the Belknap Hardware Company of Louisville, Kentucky on firearms they retailed, 1900-1935. It is most likely a single shot or double barrel. The first would be worth $40-$80 and the second $150-$250, depending on the condition, if you can find an interested buyer (the name may generate a little interest). Finding a stock might be possible if you can determine the actual manufacturer's model. If there is a model number on the gun, it might be in Numrich Gun Parts' cross reference list, but all the Belknap guns listed are Springfield/Stevens/Savage models, so you might look for parts for their models 67, 87N, 87J, 94C, 94D, 120, 745, 940E, 947, or 947B.

Tell me some about the company the produced my shotgun?

You will have to tell who made it.

Who made the volunteer shotgun?

J. Stevens Arms Company

What company made the LPG shotgun?

More information needed.

Who made the Wilderness Trail?

Daniel Boone and a groop of friends cut down trees to make a trail to Texas.

What year was the JStevens Arms Company Model 235 double-barrel shotgun made?

The JStevens Arms Company Model 235 double-barrel shotgun was made from 1912 to 1932. However, there were no guns made by the company from 1916 until 1920.

Where was a shotgun marked Henry Leigh Arms Company made?


Did the pioneers discover the Oregon trail?

not neccesarily discovered but was made by pioneers. Daniel Boone was one who helped to make the trail.

How can you find out what company made a particular Western Field shotgun?

Email us exactly how your shotgun is marked.

What company made 12 gauge single shot shotgun model 336882 for the volunteer arms company?

The 12 Gauge Single Shot Shotgun Model 336882 from the Volunteer Arms Company was probably manufactured by the Belknap Hardware and Manufacturing Company that operated in Louisville, Kentucky. Iver Johnson Company and H & R, are two other gun manufacturers that made this type of shotgun.

What company made the Long Tom shotgun?

J. Stevens for Sears Roebuck.

What company made a new port side by side 410 shotgun?


What company made your sears model 200 12ga shotgun?

Probably Mossberg

What clothing did Daniel Boone wear?

Daniel Boone is most famous for wearing a coon skin cap. His frontiersman's clothing was most likely leather and fur, made from the animals he hunted. As a statesman, he also wore wool and cotton clothing, which was the style for clothing in the 1700's.

What trail did pioneers use to travel west?

A famous route west for pioneers was the Wilderness Road, made by Daniel Boone and others.

Is a Revelation Shotgun made by Mossberg?

It seems most Revelation Shotguns were made by Steven/Savage company.