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It is marketed by Wal-Mart as an in-house brand, but the manufacturing goes on elsewhere outside of the USA. Look at the tag of the product. Most come out of China. I am sure if you compared the other tags on the other products you may see similar manufacturing patterns going on. I am sure that several different companies market the same goods under different "brand" names from the same manufacturing plant.

------Actually, it's manufactured by American Recreation Products, which manufactures Wenzel products... Since early August when I bought an Ozark Trail airbed I've so far had to have them first replace the faulty air pump i got, and now the entire bed.....Beware though... if you have to have something replaced that's big like that, YOU have to pay the shipping to send it back...Goodluck, their customer service # should be on a piece of paper in the items packaging...

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Q: What company makes Ozark Trail outdoor equipment?
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What company makes Ozark Trail boots?

Ozark Incorperated

Who makes ozark trail tents?

North Pole makes Ozark Trail for Walmart.

What are the instructions to build an Ozark Trail 13ftx10ft screen house?

Check out the related link for instructions on how to construct an Ozark Trail 13ftx10ft screen house.

How do you find parts for ozark trail camp cot?

Call the parent company, HKD Global at 888-280-7876. Be sure to have the part numbers for the item you are ordering: they supply branded camping supplies for a number of brands including Walmart's Ozark Trail, Broadstone, and Northwest Territory.

How can you find a regulator for a Ozark Trail camp stove?


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Where can you find instructions for Ozark Trail 14X12 screen house?

According to Trail tents are generally manufactured and serviced by NorthPole in the USAA quick search for NorthPole tents yielded: Manual is available online.Send an email to: mailto:consumer@northpoleusa.comThe 14x12 Screen House is model # WMT-1412R

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yes I need help in setting up my 13ft x 10ft outdoor tent

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The instruction manual for an Ozark Trail Canopy is provided in the original packaging or can be viewed on their official website. It outlines many features and how to use the canopy.

Where can you get a Replacement Globe for a Ozark Trail Lantern?

I just called Wal-Mart and they told me that Ozark Trail is there own brand and that they do not have the replacement globes. I think that stinks as the globes break easily and then you have nothing!!!

Ozark tent model WMT-07010A tent poles?

Ozark Trail Customer Service 1-888-280-7876

Do you have a diagram of 11 x 8 Ozark Trail Sun Shelter an instructions?


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