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Honda does not make the Prius, it is a Toyota product.

"Toyota Prius" batteries are manufactured by Panasonic.


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in my view out of popularity it is the toyota prius but really the hybrid car i like is the honda civic hybrid

Realy!? Honda is its own company, in other words Honda makes Honda stuff. not sum outer company. Your welcome.

The name of the company that makes them.

Interstate Battery Company

It depends on which company makes it, and what battery it uses.

The company that makes Goldwing motorcycles is Honda. The Honda Goldwing was first produced in 1974. The motorcycle was originally produced in the U.S. in Ohio and production moved to Japan in 2011.

Honda Civics are made by the company known as Honda. They were once a foreign company but have recently moved to the United States of America. They are known for being a automaker of upper class cars, that seem to last for years.

Your question makes no sense at all. All I can say to attempt to answer this question is that Honda is a Japanese company and Hyundai is a South Korean company and they have no connection whatsoever.

Honda has the best engines Yamaha has the best chassis and suspension

The car company named Honda does not make a Classic Honda Si vehicle. The vehicles I found for the Si make is the Civic Si Coupe and the Civic Si Sedan. The oldest vehicle in both of those makes was made in 2006.

The amount of amino acid that company puts in the battery.

It depends what company makes it and what model it is.

The car company that makes Accord automobiles is the Honda car company, based in Japan. It was first released in 1976 and since the late 1980s has been one of the largest selling cars in the US>

Honda makes all their own engines.

Interstate is a battery company making their own batteries since 1950.

The Toyota Prius has the highest gas mileage of all hybrid cars. It also has the lowest annual fuel cost.

The only one i know is the Toyota prius but i don't know if the Honda clarity is over is aus yet

NO! Of course, my company makes 6135013408836 so I might be biased.

cause its a civic that Honda makes

The CB1000R is a naked bike manufactured by the Honda Motors Company. It was first introduced on the 6th of November in the year 2007, on the Milan Bike Show.

Honda as a company is based the country Japan but as sales skyrocketed in the U.S. they began building Honda factories on U.S. soil, therfore most Honda's within the U.S. were built there but profits are sent back to Japan.

Walmart sells an excellent battery at a good price. They are made by the same company that makes lots of other name brand batteries. You will not go wrong buying a battery at Walmart.

That depends on the battery. A car battery makes 12 volts. An AA cell battery makes 1.5 volts.

Yes Honda makes trucks. For example the Honda Ridgeline

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