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What company manufactured the Blue Field Clipper 16 gauge shotgun?

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Manufactured by Davenport.

2006-07-16 08:21:25
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What year was an Ithaca field grade SXS shotgun with serial nurmber 62650 manufactured?


Who manufactured the Western Field Model 175B 20 gauge bolt action shotgun.?


Who manufactured western field model 228 fr bolt action shotgun?

It is the same as the Kessler 128 manufactured between 1951-1953.

When was the Western Field Montgomery Ward M55ocd shotgun made and what is its value?

The Western Field model 550C was manufactured by Mossberg for Montgomery Wards.

What year was an Ithaca Field Grade SxS shotgun with serial number 449599 manufactured?


How can you find out what company made a particular Western Field shotgun?

Email us exactly how your shotgun is marked.

What company makes a western field 410 shotgun that is bolt action and what is the location of the company?

The Western Field shotgun was sold by Montgomery Ward and made by Mossberg. Made around 1964. I inherited one that is in mint condition and still fires. It is a 410 single barrel 150c shotgun.

What is the age of a 20 gauge Western Field Model M550CD pump shotgun and who manufactured it?


Who manufactured the 16 gauge Wards Western Field Deluxe 530A double barrel shotgun?

I would guess it was made by Stevens.

Who manufactures western field M178b 12ga serial?

Chances are that your shotgun was a model 385k,or a 395K model shotgun made by Mossberg firearms company.

Who manufactured wards western field model 368?

Savage Fire Arms Company for Montgomery Wards

Who manufactured the 149 Western Field shotgun and what was the manufacturer's model number?

I dont show that in my cross-reference. If you can send a digital picture, we can ID it for you.

Where do you find the location of the serial numbers on a Wards Western Field Model 30 shotgun?

If you cannot easily see a serial number, then it was manufactured prior to 1968 and doesn't have one.

Who manufactured western field model M550 ABD?

Your Montgomery Wards Model 550ABD was made by the firm Mossberg and Sons.The Mossberg model 500 and your shotgun are one and the same.

Who manufactured the western field model?

Western Field model m5500 20 ga was manufactured by Savage Arms

What is the age and value of a western field 12 gauge shotgun model M175A?

Your Western field shotgun is a Mossberg model 385K shotgun that was made for the Montgomery Wards company by Mossberg and sons.The model 385K shotgun was produced from 1960-1986,These bolt action shotguns are valued at between 75-110 dollars,for a gun with between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining and a good bore.

What is the value of a Wards Western Field Model 95 pump shotgun serial U119056 and who manufactured it?

I don't know but I have one too with serial U116679 would like to know the age also

Who made western field 25 xnh 472 shotgun?

Your shotgun was made by Noble.It was the Noble model 50 shotgun.

How do you determine who made your western field shotgun?

You will need to list the model number of your western Field shotgun,and then I can cross reference the model number to the maker of your shotgun.

What year was the deer field model 672x 20 gauge shotgun manufactured?

I think Montgomery. Wards carried this gun from talking to pepole and research im a 100 % sure in the 60 going into 70

Who made the western field model M149A bolt action 20 gauge shotgun?

Mossberg made that shotgun for Montgomery Ward's Western Field fun line. It was the Model 185 in Mossberg shotgun line.

Who made the Wards Western Field 25XNH 472 12 gauge pump shotgun?

The Noble firearms company made this shotgun.It was the Noble model 50.

What is the approx value of wards western field 410 GA bolt action shotgun?

I just got a western field 410 shotgun and wondering the value of It

Who manufactured a 12 gauge Western Field shotgun serial 14113xg?

DO you have a model number if so post it here and i will give you the answer i have a lis of all store names for all fire arms and there real names 33064

What is the value of a Wards Western Field Model 30-SB562a and who manufactured it?

It's a version of the Stevens 520 shotgun. Not a collector piece, valued as a shooter less than $200.